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  2. I guess if I had to choose who I would rather have on the Colts I would say Herbert. I still think he is a bust. I think Eason was the second best QB in the draft and he was taken maybe a round late. I bet all the first round QBs flame out with their original teams and don’t reach a big second contract. The only one who may is Love bc he will sit behind Rodgers for a few years. Tua is a stud if he stays healthy but Miami has been a QB wasteland since Marino. He could be the guy to change that.
  3. I haven't heard that any games are eliminated yet. London games aren't happening, though. The Jags might be unhappy about that since London is like their second home.
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  5. Yeah but Frank always wanted a top 5 rushing attack, and with two elite RBs it makes it hard for me to see them not running. Especially if its working like it did, and Nelson says keep going like he has in the past.
  6. I am wondering how the nfl will handle fans. Texas said teams can have 50% fans starting now. That might be full capacity by sept. Will they allow some teams to have fans and others not. With revenue sharing I think they will allow it in the states that will allow it. Hopefully most states will be up to that 50% by sept.
  7. I might be on board with that, but I think we'll see allot of passes to RB's, especially Hines. Those yards will go in the book as passing yards, so the running game may not reach the tops in the NFL.
  8. Tough to say right now. It seems many don't think playing time together is very important. New 2nd TE New RB New #2 WR New QB New D-line I think there needs to be some "gel" time. Maybe I'm wrong and "plug and play" works fine.
  9. I just checked Vegas win totals over/under. Colts 9 Titans 8.5 Texans 7.5 Jags 4.5 That's a positive sign for us. Lets hope the Jags don't have too bad of season or we might be facing Trevor Lawrence next decade. Lol
  10. Texans are the only team in the division with a Difference maker at QB, Hopkins or no Hopkins. They have the very slight advantage as of now IMHO.
  11. Yeah, I want football too, with or without fans. Sports, for the entire country, is a good escape from lots of things. There is only so much I can watch Netflix. (for some, maybe not)
  12. I expect when players start showing up they will all be tested and we will see some asystematic cases. But the good news they will all be tested before TC starts.
  13. For this season, they would be favorites. However, it is hard to go back-to-back in the salary cap era. Ravens have actually improved on their D unit and are the biggest threat to the Chiefs. I don't think the Chiefs will be highly competitive once they pay Mahomes before the 2021 season. That is why 2020 season might be their best chance to cash in with pretty much their entire team's key components coming back.
  14. I'm going with the ring at this point in time. I like Mack, but he's dinged up enough and a rookie- he's a rookie.
  15. I think it's too early to be doing comparisons just yet. Rhodes/Addai (what a formidable duo that was in 2006) have SB rings, and Taylor has yet to even play in the NFL yet.
  16. Football needs to be prepared for setbacks like these, where 5 Alabama Crimson Tide players who showed up for voluntary activities tested positive. https://alabama.rivals.com/news/sources-alabama-football-has-at-least-5-players-test-positive-for-covid-19
  17. An easy OVER. We won't have a QB whose goal is winning the regular season MVP.
  18. Discussion is here: https://forums.colts.com/topic/66116-george-floyd/
  19. Discussion is here: https://forums.colts.com/topic/66116-george-floyd/
  20. One of the best posts I have ever seen on here in the 5 years I have been here.
  21. Pump the brakes just a bit, gang. Love the excitement, but, let's just hope they are both healthy to start the season.
  22. Maybe a couple of those threads need bumped.
  23. LOL. I live in the South. Blacks and whites go to restaurants all of the time. Hispanics too. Its a constant mix. Its normal. Nobody around here gives a second look. Whites hire blacks. Black electricians. Black plumbers. I've seen white tree trimmers working on properties owned by black families. Very few people care. The ones who do care, tend to be black. Black homeowners tend to want to hire black contractors out of this urban myth that whitey is going to cheat them because they're black. Of course, there are white contractors who cheat. They cheat everybody. When a black guy gets cheated by a white guy he is taught to think of it as racism. LOL. For decades, that's how they've been taught to look at it. Ignorant institutions peddling propaganda for decades. Ballard must be ignorant. To claim every white person, even the majority, gives second looks to blacks coming into restaurants means he has too limited experiences to make a comment about it. Obviously, he spoke hypothetically, and people take it as fact....because that's what it took to get an A in Socially. Its sounds like there is a whole lot of stereotyping going on by people, especially about how white people think. Maybe its their own limited environment that causes the ignorant thinking.
  24. Obviously this thread is about speculation. There are 5 players in college who had more yardage than Taylor and had flamed out in the NFL but they all had 4 years to prove their numbers compared to the 3 years Taylor played. Not to mention Ballard and staff moved up in the 2nd to snag him. Wisconsin ran a mauling offense much like the Colts so the transition should be seamless.
  25. I would take Herbert as well. Definitely take JB over the rest of the list. facts
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