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2023 NFL Draft -- April 27th to April 29


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1 minute ago, TomDiggs said:

Being 45 mins from Baltimore, I can attest that Kiper hates hates hates the Colts and taking the BMore Colts from his hometown.


He was a Calvert Hall HS alum


So i always watch what he says to see how much he bashes the Colts. Doesn't matter what they do.


Although Kiper lovvvvvvves Levis. 


So if the Colts pass on Levis for any other QB I expect him to be a jerk again lol



Yeap,guarantee that will happen too.

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Just now, richard pallo said:

Anyone trading up for Richardson?

About the same odds as the Colts trading for Lamar

Just now, TaylorStillTruckedYou said:

Guaranteed trade back for us, you heard it here first.  Hooker will be a Colt.  I shall will it into reality

I hope so

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