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Hi, Colts Nation.   :)  Our 3-11 Indianapolis Colts will try to play spoilers this afternoon, as they are in Baltimore in their last scheduled regular season road game, to play the 8-6 Baltimore Ravens.  Our Colts will still try to thwart the Ravens, from earning a road win from Baltimore, and also avoid the Ravens  from qualifying in the 2017 NFL Playoffs. Both the Colts and Ravens also lead off Week 16, the next-to-the-week, of the  2017 NFL Regular Season.


Colts defeated Baltimore by the score of 20-13,  in both teams last meeting played at LOS (the building),  back on October 5, 2014.  Andrew Luck completed 32 of his 49 passes for  312 yards, one touchdown pass to Dwayne Allen from 6 yards, and Luck scored on a 13-yard TD run.  Adam Vinitieri completed the completed the game scoring for the Colts with his 38-yard field goal in the first quarter,, and his 2 PAT's.


Colts have also been decimated by injuries by many veteran players and rookies since the preseason, leading and contributing to their current 3-11 record.


Colts  also seeks to win their first regular season game at Baltimore in more than eight years.  Matt Stover kicked his game-winning 25 yard field goal, with 7:02 remaining in the fourth quarter,  to help Indianapolis edge Baltimore 17-15 at M&T Bank Stadium back on November 22, 2009.


Indianapolis also leads Baltimore in today's 15th all-time meeting with a 10 win and 4 loss record, including 11 previous regular season games and 3 prior postseason games, since the Colts defeated Ravens 26-21, in both teams first meeting, played at the RCA Dome back on October 13, 1996.


Our Colts are on track unfortunately to suffer their worst regular season record since the 2011 Indianapolis Colts finished with  their 2-14 record, the primary shortcoming when Peyton Manning was placed on injured reserved that year with his neck surgeries,  Dan Orlovsky, Curtis Painter, and Kerry Collins had various starts that season in place of Peyton at QB.


Colts both will try to avoid today finishing with a three-win NFLregular season, since consecutive 3-13 seasons back on 1997 and 1998.


This year, Jacoby Brisset took most of the snaps behind center after being acquired by the Patriots before the start of the regular season, with Scott Tolzien as his  backup.  Incumbent Andrew Luck reportedly is rehabilitating from his shoulder surgery in Europe.  Beside the current 2017 NFL regular season, Andrew Luck has missed 26 of the last 48 games, both  preseason and regular season, dating back to the 2015 NFL season.


Greg Gumbel and former NFL QB Trent Green, are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Jamie Ehrdahl, simulcast on both The NFL On CBS, and international cable on the NFL Network. However, the Colts @ Ravens Saturday Afternoon NFL Game will be seen over the air on the local teams markets,  both at WJZ CBS Channel 13 in Baltimore, and locally  in Indianapolis on WTTV CBS Channel 4. live on HD.


A mix of showers and rain 61 degrees, feels like 58 degrees,  is the live game forecast inside M&T Bank Stadium, for the 4:35PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with  45% precipitation, 71% humidity, and  southwest winds at 18 miles per hour.


I still want to try to shed some light, and remind all of you,  that this will always be the holiday season at this time of year in December, and I personally wish everyone,  from Nadine The Colts Fan forum Administrator, on  to the other moderators, and especially to our registered users and members here on the Official Indianapolis Colts Fan (Friendly) Forum, the best of your Merry Christmas holidays, with your close family members, relatives, and close friends!  :)


NO injuries, continue to stay Colts Strong, try to both win your fourth game of the 2017 regular season this afternoon, and also spoil the Ravens postseason chances in Baltimore,  and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!    :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltshelmet:  :coltslogo:  :rock:



Colts @ Ravens NFL Saturday Afternoon Football Pre-Game Press Release (Adobe PDF), And Team Injury Reports:













Colts @ Ravens  NFL Saturday Afternoon  Football Live Game Centers:











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Here is hoping for an excellent showing by our many young inexperienced players as a catalyst to next year.........but also for a Colts' loss for both the high draft pick and the knowedge that it puts the final nail in the Pagano era. 

Merry Christmas to all. Lets hope for the #2 pick in the draft as the ultimate stocking stuffer. 

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1 minute ago, RockThatBlue said:

There cant be a worse tackling defense than the Colts.


Our D-Line is stout, and plays top notch NFL caliber Defense. Our interior linebackers over pursue, and miss every angle imaginable. We have no instinct at ILB, and only come up big when we guess correctly. 

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    • I just like bringing up stuff when I am wrong because I think it is funny looking back on things + I know I am not right all the time. I said we would be good and make the playoffs with Rivers before 2020. I also hated the Wentz trade. I nailed those.   Regarding QB's today, I look at teams needing really a top 8 QB in the league to win it all. It is just a QB's league. My rankings would be if healthy entering 2023 are: 1. Mahomes 2. Burrow 3. Hurts 4. Allen 5. Rodgers - older but I am just going by 2023 6. I have Jackson here - he will be 100%. 7. Lawrence 8. Herbert   -Dak has an argument for top 8. Cousins/Carr?? Russell Wilson looked real bad last year so who knows about him. Watson is also a mystery. A team like SF is loaded but their downfall will be QB play when they get deep in the playoffs. It has been proven many times now. If SF had a top 8 QB, they would probably win the SB. They usually go to the Championship Game or SB but lose. It will be interesting to see how good Purdy or Lance will be in 2023? Jimmy always took them far but lost. I think a QB like Matt Stafford is washed like Matt Ryan but he got his SB win.   Technically IMO we would have the best QB in the AFC South if we got Lamar but barely because Lawrence is coming and had a good year last year. We also have arguably the best RB in the division when healthy in Taylor, I think Henry will make the Hall of Fame one day but he has been used a lot.
    • Doesn’t like it doesn’t really say anything definitive.   Did he say how many pick’s would be too much.  One, two, three, four, five?  And what round and what year?  What cost is too much?  We have no idea do we.  Doesn’t like doesn’t me he won’t do anything.  
    • Don’t take thinking it won’t happen to mean someone wouldn’t want Lamar.  I’ve gone on the record as saying he’s a special player who will be successful anywhere.  I just don’t think the stars are aligning for him to end up in Indy.  
    • Do you really think the Colts haven’t had those conversations?  Honestly, while I am sure they have one they like more than the others I think they feel they can be successful with most of these four.  If there was just one they had to have they would have done more to explore trading up.
    • How much does age matter.  And this isn't a question about Bennett, it also applies to Hooker and maybe Levis.   I don't understand the idea that a 22 year old guy should be drafted higher...by much.  The rookie contract lasts 5 years, and that's about what to expect his longevity with the team is.  Approaching that point there is a possibility of negotiating a new contract or using the franchise tag (which means that QB is going to have to be really elite QB).  The contract is going to reflect his value at the time,,,that, and if you still want him at all has nothing to do with where he was drafted.   IMO, you draft the QB that has the most talent given where you need to draft him.  Worrying about if he's going to be your QB 8 years from now after going through a series of seasons and business negotiations seems way down the list of factors to consider when drafting a player.
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