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Colts @ Ravens Saturday Game Day Thread


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8 minutes ago, oldunclemark said:

Come on..it was a 60-yarder in the rain


8 minutes ago, Btown_Colt said:

One blocked and one was a 60 yarder before half

Thanks. I was at the in laws for xmas stuff, just tuning in and seen 0-2 for FGs as soon as I turned the Tv on

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Vinny hits the upright.


Colts close the gap...


Colts 13 Ravens 16


First Downs 13   16
Total Yards 227   249
Passing Yards 153   173
Rushing Yards 74   76
Penalties (Yds) 0(0)   3(15)
Turnovers 0   0
Punts (AVG) 2(37)   2(32)
Time of *. 18:21   24:19


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Just now, csmopar said:

Pagano is so dumb. On that Suggs offsides, he takes the 5 yard penalty and replay 2nd down..... when the play had resulted in a 9 yard gain. Would have been 3rd and 1 had he'd just declined the penalty. What an *




Can't make this stuff up. 

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