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1 minute ago, Btown_Colt said:

No worries:D

I was getting there...  We don’t need anymore Chuck moral victories. Let his one in the final game last year vs the Jags be his last...  Let’s get as high a pick as we can, trade back, & stock up on talent and contend next year...

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Just now, oldunclemark said:

He's doing well with what he has to work with and the situation he's in. we're hardly ever ahead

He's proven he can play....


Agreed! they brought the cat in off the streets, with little NFL experience, and no off season with the team. 


it's actually kind of miraculous that he has played as well as he has. 

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    • Irsay also let one of his all time favorites Edge, who also happens to be a running back, walk in free agency.
    • I have always liked the vikes. They are a old time original team with past legends and success. But in modern times it seems the Football Gods frown on them from having too much success... just a season here and there usually followed by mediocre or worse play. They are similar to the Colts minus Manning/Polian era, not like franchises historically brownies, lions,cards,jets etc... But not like the top franchises that when good go to super bowls.  That's why I hope colt fans enjoy this season if they have some success and not look  into the next few years of building and expecting a Super Bowl team. NFL team building isn't necessarily linear and teams like the colts & vikes can be like yo yo's....up one year, down the next.  I know fans have been wanting to move on from Cousins, but getting someone better/consistently elite  may be easier said then done but there seems to be multiple good QB prospects.    Do you remember Tarkenton?  I Remember him vaguely seen vids of him. He was quite a scrambler. And the Purple People eaters.    Anyway, I expect Cousins to be with the Jets soon.. I wish him success but that's difficult with that team.. LoL
    • Irsay is a fan at heart and has overpaid players he likes, Luck he stated he wanted to make him the highest paid player ever, and called Hilton asking what his number was. If JT just played that angle I bet he would have a had a deal by now. link below     https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/26/indianapolis-colts-ty-hilton-jim-irsay-close-deal/
    • I don’t know. I thought at the very least he was slow to heal from the surgery. If I’m the Colts I’d want to see him post-surgery before I extend him and make him one of the league’s highest paid backs. That seems reasonable. If he’s lying and faking, like you say, that seems like a good reason not to extend and make him one of the highest paid backs. I’d have a hard time cheering for JT like before but that’s me and I know other fans would welcome him back. 
    • Not sure someone who beat up their girlfriend and broke their young sons arm should be kidding about being a porn star....but thats just me throwing common sense out there.
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