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Sorry. The o-line hasn't helped one bit.

Get out of here with that. Tired of hearing it. He's not a good running back, plain and simple. 20 attempts 47 yards, and a vultured 1yard TD that anyone could've scored on. He's nothing special. If he has to have the best case scenario every single play in order to be worth anything, he's wasn't worth the draft pick then. I'm just tired of this staff trying to justify the GM's stupid trade by forcing him on the offense. We won today, but against good teams, it will come back to bite us

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Lucks numbers, today, and all year-


Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT A. Luck


              29/41  393    4   1


Comp     ATT      %      Yds     TD     INT       yd/gm

115         167     68.9   1305     13      4         328


I don't know why, but I thought he had 14 TDs. I made the same mistake last week.

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I don't even know what he was talking about. I didn't think it had any derogatory meaning.


Why? "Ching Ching" was being used in reference to a noise, not an Asian. Or did I hear it wrong?

It would probably be considered as being an inappropriate joke over here just as a view from the UK.

Whether that's too PC is another matter.

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