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Sorry. The o-line hasn't helped one bit.

Get out of here with that. Tired of hearing it. He's not a good running back, plain and simple. 20 attempts 47 yards, and a vultured 1yard TD that anyone could've scored on. He's nothing special. If he has to have the best case scenario every single play in order to be worth anything, he's wasn't worth the draft pick then. I'm just tired of this staff trying to justify the GM's stupid trade by forcing him on the offense. We won today, but against good teams, it will come back to bite us

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Lucks numbers, today, and all year-


Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT A. Luck


              29/41  393    4   1


Comp     ATT      %      Yds     TD     INT       yd/gm

115         167     68.9   1305     13      4         328


I don't know why, but I thought he had 14 TDs. I made the same mistake last week.

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I don't even know what he was talking about. I didn't think it had any derogatory meaning.


Why? "Ching Ching" was being used in reference to a noise, not an Asian. Or did I hear it wrong?

It would probably be considered as being an inappropriate joke over here just as a view from the UK.

Whether that's too PC is another matter.

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    • Looking at the schedule no way colts don’t end up with a top ten pick .   Every team we play is a playoff team except Texans who play us tough .  The tie is the only thing separates us from the 9 th pick . 
    • It could be many years till we are back in the playoffs.  It depends on how the QB position is filled.  Give up most of our picks to draft a QB we like and it could be 50/50 on whether he works out.  If he doesn't, we wait 3 years and then draft another QB and try again.   We seen many teams go through this cycle so we should be prepared for several years of bad records.     However, maybe we hit with a QB on our first shot and are a playoff team in 2 years.  That would be awesome!   Maybe we sign another vet QB.  I'm not sure there will be a "Savior" out there for us.  Here are the free agent QB's at the end of this season.     Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers   Teddy Bridgewater Miami Dolphins   Jacoby Brissett Cleveland Browns   Andy Dalton New Orleans Saints   Sam Darnold Carolina Panthers   Joe Flacco New York Jets   Jimmy Garoppolo San Francisco 49ers   Taylor Heinicke Washington Commanders   Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens   Case Keenum Buffalo Bills   Gardner Minshew Philadelphia Eagles   Mason Rudolph Pittsburgh Steelers   Cooper Rush Dallas Cowboys   Geno Smith Seattle Seahawks   Mike White New York Jets
    • Bad:  IS FRANK REICH STILL SECRETLY CALLING GAMES?? Why does every single run have to be up the middle still!??!  Matt Ryan is cooked. I hate typing that, but he's done. These WR's are sitting there waiting for passes and he has zero zip. Even on the few slants, the ball is behind the WR's.  Glad they remembered we have TE's....too bad we won't see them for the rest of the year.  Moore is so inconsistent Why in the wide world of sports does Facyson keep stealing Rodgers snaps!?!  How can they not run block against a crappy O-line all the sudden?  The Steelers are trash, and we made them look good (which is this team's M.O.)    Good:  Buckner, Stewart, Gilmore and JT (minus the fumble) are the only ones that show up  Flowers - leave him on kick returns for the rest of the year! Excellent job Raimann didn't have a bunch of penalites ......yay?  Smith did great against Watt  Good job Woods. Dude gets hit and almost never goes down on first contact.      Yannick: I'm not sure where to put him. He flashes on the sacks, but gets washed out by TE's on the regular. He can't defend the run at all either.      Frustrating how bad this team really is. 
    • Couldn't beat them while in my 20's.. can't be them in my 30's. Hey maybe when I can celebrate with my grandchildren when we beat the Steelers! 
    • Yep.... bad LUCK. And Irsay rewarded that goober 25 million for quitting on us 1 week before the season started.
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