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  1. Edge rusher wasn't an immediate need until he created that void by trading away Jerry Hughes for a pack of Tareyton 100s and a Pastrami sandwich
  2. The microcosm statement was not meant to be taken literalMcGlynn was the only linemen I've seen during Luck's tenure at QB that actually got in someone's face, or put a little something extra at the end of a play, if he perceived something to be dirty by the other team. And even that didn't happen that often. Haven't seen anyone else on the line do a thing. Watch whenever we play the Patriots. Their guys initiate contact, shove after plays and talk smack, and the Colts linemen usually just give a half-hearted shove back and look intimidated in their body language. I believe New England's psychological dominance of our team starts up front. Get a better position coach and get a couple of nasty guys on the line and we'll start winning those battles up front. I don't think the O line is this bad for a lack of talent. It's more attitude, poor coaching and poor execution. If they don't truly believe they can win their individual match ups consistently, then they won't because they've already lost in their mind And I'm looking at the exclusive O-line facial zoom camera angle EDIT: Another example would be the Pittsburgh game last year. Watch how many times Luck was hit late, after the play. Not one offensive linemen said a peep,got in anyone's face or shoved a defender to let them know it's not going down this way anymore. They just continually looked over at the refs, cried about it and kept picking Luck up off the ground -- Weaksauce
  3. That slide was a microcosm of everything that's wrong with this unit. We have a bunch of punks on the offensive line, no bullies. The only guy who had a mean streak that has played on our line in the Luck Era was Mike McGlynn. He also happened to be the weakest player on the line, so it did no good. Everyone else has that scared look in their eyes, and never get chippy when teams get chippy with them. When Luck is getting destroyed by D linemen, just once I'd like to see one of our guys get in the other team's face or at least cheap shot them back with chop blocks or something (I know most won't agree with that, but it's a reality of football) Basically, no one is scared of our line, and that's a problem
  4. It's not what you say that's the problem, it's the fact that you have to be such a *. Also, I'm an adult male, i don't "block" people. It's really not that deep. Be respectful, stop being rude to people you don't even know. Easy concept, really On topic, I think Luck needs a new voice in his hear. He's not very refined as a player, and could use a good QB coach to help him expand his understanding of defenses and how to exploit them. I don't think he was coddled but I also don't think he's getting sound coaching. Otherwise, mistakes he's made since his rookie season would've diminished by now
  5. Dude, you're really annoying. I don't even care who is "right" on the matter. All I ever see you do is go from thread-to-thread starting arguments and insulting people. Give it a rest and pick up a new shtick already. You can disagree with someone without coming across so condescending all the time
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  7. What is it with us Colts fans and the need to constantly defend our QB, regardless of how bad they play? Peyton is one of the best ever, but he was also a choke artist when he was here. Luck is an immense talent, but he's extremely overrated by the media. His awful decisions have nothing to do with an injury. He's been making stupid decisions and horrible turnovers for a few seasons now. I like Luck but he needs a new voice in his ear. The guy just isn't that intelligent, in terms of football. Bruce Arians ruined him when he installed his 4 verts, all the time philosophy in Luck's rookie season. We're in year 4 and he's still staring down receivers, still unable to make a team pay when they blitz, still holding on to the ball too long, and still forcing horrible passes (that he can sometimes get away with because of his talent) The reality of it is, he's nowhere close to being elite, and his football iq needs to improve drastically before we can ever truly call ourselves contenders or call him an elite QB
  8. Luck just isn't as smart as everyone makes him out to be. We're in year four and he still doesn't know how to beat a blitz consistently. The fact that he's having a down year is just revealing the blemishes of this poorly constructed roster and coaching staff. Luck needs a coach that can help him develop his progression reads, hot reads, and work with him on not staring down receivers. I honestly hope Sean Payton gets canned from New Orleans and we scoop him up. I think he can "fix" Luck, but they might need to put the training wheels back on for a season and get back to the basics before giving him control at the LOS. He just hasn't made good decisions, and it's as if he refuses to take the checkdown or hot route a receiver when facing an obvious blitz. I blame Arians' scheme from year one. He still hasn't gotten that "long ball or nothing at all" out of him
  9. Some of us have seen the writing on the wall for two years now. This team has come out flat at the start of games for the entirety of the Andrew Luck era. The miracle 2nd half comebacks are just not happening anymore, and the team is finally playing to it's actual talent level. Been saying that Pagano is just "aight" as a head coach, just not a schemer or winner. Been saying the coordinators are hot garbage and need to go. Been saying the position coaches are not helping the players develop. BEEN saying that Grigson is a certified m.oron who has been sabotaging this team with poor roster building for 3+ years now. I'm not happy that this year has gone the way it has, but I am happy that it will likely lead to what probably should happen at the end of the season -- clean house. For those who have seen the weaknesses of this team for longer than this year, and weren't afraid to speak negatively about the organization, despite the usual suspects around here trying to bully you out of your opinion -- kudos to you. Turns out you were right and they were wrong
  10. And bottoming line is this: Bellichek is the best coach, arguably of all-time. Brady is an elite QB. They may be cheaters, but those are still the facts. For an aging receiver with limited options, it was almost a no-brainer to take their offer
  11. The Colts were the ones who weren't loyal. He took less money to stay with us 3 years ago, and was flirting with the Patriots even then, before Pagano practically begged him to stay. He doesn't owe them a **** thing. I don't get the outrage
  12. Your first sentence is repeated around here every off season. That should be a primary indicator to STOP investing in that position every off-season. If your free agents aren't working out, and you're not willing to be patient with your draft picks, you end up in receiver purgatory. I mean, listen to yourself for a minute. You're complaining about receiver depth when we have Hilton and Johnson on the roster (not to mention our receiving threats at other positions), yet we don't even have a STARTER at one of the safety spots yet. We never learn. The Colts kinda deserve to get embarrassed if they're willfully ignoring the biggest weakness that our chief opponent has made abundantly clear for 3 years and counting now. This team wants to be soft, and a lot of the fans are on board with it. So be prepared to take your medicine again in January when Luck and his receivers are once again sitting on the sidelines watching some random bum put up 200 yards on the ground against our "monster" defense. "But, but, but... He had 4.3 SPEED though!"
  13. This draft is much deeper at receiver... Making our 1st pick all that much more bird-brained
  14. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Our receivers have been getting beat up by Pats corners since the Marvin days. This "outgunning" strategy has not worked very often in the 15 or so years we've been tormented by the Patriots. This team is just not very smart, and they'll likely be eliminated from the playoffs in the same fashion next season
  15. We never learn. This was just a silly pick. I don't care how good the kid turns out to be, it was a luxury pick. Grigson is tricking out the whip with shiny rims and gadgets in the interior when the car still doesn't even have a motor. He doesn't really have a good feel for the pulse of the team and when BPA is appropriate. All GM's say they go BPA but few of them ever truly stick it. If Grigson truly felt this guy is that much better than everyone else still on the board at that time, we'd better see some immediate results. You don't make a luxury pick in the 1st round on a player at a position you're already stacked at unless that player has the potential to leap past all of them on the depth chart...We'll see
  16. Sub "Grigson and Polian" with Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, and you'd be correct. Neither GM (Polian towards the end of his tenure here and Grigson since he's been here) has done anything noteworthy to improve the trenches. Grigson definitely has put more effort into doing so than Polian did, but his efforts have been in vain. Just because you luck into 2 once in a generation Quarterbacks, back-to-back, doesn't make your short-comings as a GM above reproach
  17. You didn't read what I said then. I said Grigson and Polian both struggle finding quality players in the interior of both lines. Based off 3 drafts/free agency periods, I don't think you can find much evidence that proves my point otherwise, in regards to Grigson. Mewhort has been his best linemen that he's brought to the team, and the jury still isn't even out on him yet. He may be trying to address that weakness, but he is failing, in my opinion. Neither line has improved to the point that we would expect after 3 seasons of bringing in his hand-picked guys. I'm of the opinion that something needs to be shaken up regarding the staff. Maybe a new O-line coach, new D coordinator, or heck, a new head scout for all I care. Andre Johnson and Frank Gore were decent acquisitions, but they won't be what puts us over the top. We need hogs, that's it. It's almost sort of annoying that Grigson (being a former linemen himself) can't seem to figure that particular unit out. Oh well, agree to disagree, I suppose
  18. In terms of the positions he covets and the positions he's able to best evaluate at the pro level, Grigson is a Polian clone. The only difference between the two is, Polian was stubborn about building exclusively through the draft, whereas Grigson will look at every available avenue...sometimes even to a fault. Neither GM really seems/seemed to care too much (or just aren't very good at identifying talent) at the interior positions on both sides of the ball. They get too distracted with the glamour positions, hence why we are consistently weak in the trenches
  19. He's not that great at pass pro, so I'm not really clamoring for him either. I'm convinced the real problems with the O-line stem more from positional coaching and blocking schemes more than anything else. Not saying we're set on the offensive line by any means, but I don't think our coaches are putting the players that we have in situations where they can succeed consistently. I really just want a new o-line coach who uses zone and angle blocking, predominantly
  20. Reggie is my all-time favorite Colt. I know from a business standpoint, it was probably the smart decision... but this still stings a little. I hope he just hangs them up, and then we sign him to a 1-day contract and let him retire a Colt. I'm sure he'll retire as one anyways but I don't want to see him suited up in any other uniform than ours Thanks for the memories, Reggie!
  21. The biggest problem with our offensive line, in my opinion, is a lack of quality position coaching. A lot of our guys are poor scheme fits as well
  22. This is why we keep losing to championship caliber teams when it really matters. We say we don't want to be a finesse team that only puts up "star wars" numbers, but we never commit to the trenches. We always get distracted with skill players that aren't necessarily essential to our success. New England just won it all with a unit of underdogs and/or castoffs as their receiving core. I understand we need to upgrade at receiver, but i'm not willing to fork over draft picks when we really haven't even given guys like Moncrief a chance to develop yet. Not to mention, we need to upgrade at multiple positions, and receiver is probably the least of my worries in terms of talent and depth by position
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