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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Nothing has changed my view that Reich is a subpar coach.  Too many times unprepared, too many losses to lousy teams.
    • I do like the way the Steelers and Chiefs keep replenishing the core of WRs with different WRs every year. I expect us to do the same as well moving forward. Pittman has the greater chance of being a go to guy than Campbell, IMO, based on the kind of WR each one is, IMO.      That is why with the edge rushers in Freeney and Mathis, elite QB in Peyton and our WRs/TEs during the Polian era, we were able to cover up for lots of blemishes on our D and special teams.
    • I don't think the troubled defense so far is due to roster weaknesses. Their roster isn't that much different than it was last year. And rushing defense isn't that important of a stat. Their 4th best in passing yards/game against. DVOA pass defense is 5th, DVOA overall defense is 13th.   But my point of contention is that the Chiefs aren't limited at edge or WR. So their QB "overcoming" roster weaknesses isn't really comparable with whatever we need to do to make up for our roster weaknesses. 
    • Personally I like Chris Ballard.  I like the way he is building the Colts.  I know we don’t have a QB.  There isn’t one soul on Earth that could’ve predicted Andrew Luck retiring so damn early.  I mean we had a top 5 Oline no elite QB in his prime would’ve retired.  Especially Lucks age he wasn’t even 30 yet.  But besides the QB situation Chris Ballard pretty much has made all the right decisions.  The only one I didn’t like was trading away our pick 13 for Buckner.  I was hopi we hang on to it and get a young DT and take that gamble that he will bloom into a superstar.  I would’ve loved Chris Ballard way way more had he took pick 13 and whatever else needed pick wise to move up and get Herbert out of Oregon.   But besides that Ballard is an awesome GM!!
    • Yeah, I remember hearing of that.  I'm mostly assuming he has been humbled.  
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