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  1. Edge rusher wasn't an immediate need until he created that void by trading away Jerry Hughes for a pack of Tareyton 100s and a Pastrami sandwich
  2. The microcosm statement was not meant to be taken literalMcGlynn was the only linemen I've seen during Luck's tenure at QB that actually got in someone's face, or put a little something extra at the end of a play, if he perceived something to be dirty by the other team. And even that didn't happen that often. Haven't seen anyone else on the line do a thing. Watch whenever we play the Patriots. Their guys initiate contact, shove after plays and talk smack, and the Colts linemen usually just give a half-hearted shove back and look intimidated in their body language. I believe New England's psy
  3. That slide was a microcosm of everything that's wrong with this unit. We have a bunch of punks on the offensive line, no bullies. The only guy who had a mean streak that has played on our line in the Luck Era was Mike McGlynn. He also happened to be the weakest player on the line, so it did no good. Everyone else has that scared look in their eyes, and never get chippy when teams get chippy with them. When Luck is getting destroyed by D linemen, just once I'd like to see one of our guys get in the other team's face or at least cheap shot them back with chop blocks or something (I know most won
  4. It's not what you say that's the problem, it's the fact that you have to be such a *. Also, I'm an adult male, i don't "block" people. It's really not that deep. Be respectful, stop being rude to people you don't even know. Easy concept, really On topic, I think Luck needs a new voice in his hear. He's not very refined as a player, and could use a good QB coach to help him expand his understanding of defenses and how to exploit them. I don't think he was coddled but I also don't think he's getting sound coaching. Otherwise, mistakes he's made since his rookie season would've diminished by no
  5. Dude, you're really annoying. I don't even care who is "right" on the matter. All I ever see you do is go from thread-to-thread starting arguments and insulting people. Give it a rest and pick up a new shtick already. You can disagree with someone without coming across so condescending all the time
  6. What is it with us Colts fans and the need to constantly defend our QB, regardless of how bad they play? Peyton is one of the best ever, but he was also a choke artist when he was here. Luck is an immense talent, but he's extremely overrated by the media. His awful decisions have nothing to do with an injury. He's been making stupid decisions and horrible turnovers for a few seasons now. I like Luck but he needs a new voice in his ear. The guy just isn't that intelligent, in terms of football. Bruce Arians ruined him when he installed his 4 verts, all the time philosophy in Luck's rookie seaso
  7. Luck just isn't as smart as everyone makes him out to be. We're in year four and he still doesn't know how to beat a blitz consistently. The fact that he's having a down year is just revealing the blemishes of this poorly constructed roster and coaching staff. Luck needs a coach that can help him develop his progression reads, hot reads, and work with him on not staring down receivers. I honestly hope Sean Payton gets canned from New Orleans and we scoop him up. I think he can "fix" Luck, but they might need to put the training wheels back on for a season and get back to the basics before givi
  8. Some of us have seen the writing on the wall for two years now. This team has come out flat at the start of games for the entirety of the Andrew Luck era. The miracle 2nd half comebacks are just not happening anymore, and the team is finally playing to it's actual talent level. Been saying that Pagano is just "aight" as a head coach, just not a schemer or winner. Been saying the coordinators are hot garbage and need to go. Been saying the position coaches are not helping the players develop. BEEN saying that Grigson is a certified m.oron who has been sabotaging this team with poor roster build
  9. And bottoming line is this: Bellichek is the best coach, arguably of all-time. Brady is an elite QB. They may be cheaters, but those are still the facts. For an aging receiver with limited options, it was almost a no-brainer to take their offer
  10. The Colts were the ones who weren't loyal. He took less money to stay with us 3 years ago, and was flirting with the Patriots even then, before Pagano practically begged him to stay. He doesn't owe them a **** thing. I don't get the outrage
  11. Your first sentence is repeated around here every off season. That should be a primary indicator to STOP investing in that position every off-season. If your free agents aren't working out, and you're not willing to be patient with your draft picks, you end up in receiver purgatory. I mean, listen to yourself for a minute. You're complaining about receiver depth when we have Hilton and Johnson on the roster (not to mention our receiving threats at other positions), yet we don't even have a STARTER at one of the safety spots yet. We never learn. The Colts kinda deserve to get embarrassed if the
  12. This draft is much deeper at receiver... Making our 1st pick all that much more bird-brained
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