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  1. It all comes down to who Irsay sides with. Did we not make it to the Superbowl because we were out coached each season or did we not make it to the Superbowl because no amount of coaching can overcome bad drafting and signings ? I'm sure the Coach blames the GM and vice versa. I don't think either one are really the best at what they do
  2. It's funny, but sad at the same time. I'm laughing because he couldn't even land a back up job on a bad team, but at the same time it's sad because there will still be people who believe Trent never got a shot ..... I didn't really care what became of him after the Colts cut him. I might have tried to catch a game and see how bad he was in Oakland, but now I will be spared of having to watch a Raiders game.
  3. If you earn it then you earn it, shouldn't matter what year of college your in. Plenty of players have won it and not made the NFL transition for various reasons, winning a trophy doesn't mean you are guaranteed anything at the next level, just means you were the best player that season at the college level. He tore it up in college and so far is failing in the NFL, it happens. College football is a different entity then the NFL. They aren't gonna not give players awards because it may somehow impact their possible NFL career. He earned his award, give it to him. If too much success goes to his head then that's a personal problem and shouldn't keep future college players from being eligible to earn the award. You gotta own your actions in this world and not try to blame everything on some situation or someone else. Johnny is screwing up because Johnny chooses to screw up, not because some cursed trophy makes him do it or because success came to early. He earned a trophy in college and he is now on his way to earning being cut and labeled a bust in the NFL, but its all on him not a trophy.
  4. If someone accuses me of something and it can potentially damage my reputation and cost me millions, then I think I would hand over my phone. That's how you clear your name. Once you have allowed it to go this far it doesn't matter what the appeal says, everyone but the Patriots fans, who never thought he was guilty to begin with, will believe you did it. Innocent people like to prove they are innocent right away. Guilty people like to say you can't prove I'm guilty. Brady might have a football mind, but he isn't very good at trying to lie his way out of things. His lawyers claiming some fat guy was known as "The Deflator" don't seem to sharp either.
  5. Bradshaw is a waste of time and resources, he will get injured again. He can't be a feature back and he can't go a whole season sharing the load. Ballard isn't really much better, he can't stay healthy and even though he had a decent season his rookie year it wasn't amazing or anything. I would let them both hit the open market. Nobody is gonna throw a big payday at either one and you can always sign them or someone more durable if injuries happen.
  6. Yeah people are crazy. My uncle received a large settlement from a malpractice lawsuit. He was confined to a wheelchair and couldn't speak or use one arm, his mind was solid though. My aunt took care if him and he made sure to leave her all he had because of it. They knew he only had a few years. After he died his family tried to contest his will and get the money he had left my aunt. He knew this would happen so he had made sure to have it documented that his mind was fine. A few weeks after he died my aunt found out his family was having a benefit dinner to raise money to cover his funeral costs. The thing is he left my aunt over a million dollars and she paid cash for everything at his funeral, she went all out and it was all paid for. His family held their benefit dinner and pocketed the money.
  7. So if the Pats get caught cheating before the game starts then its fine and we all laugh at those rascals. The NFL waited to see if they would actually cheat and when they did, well then it's a sting operation and the NFL was out to get them. They cheated !!!! They knowingly broke the rules. If I rob a bank its not the cops fault for not arresting me until after I rob the bank. You can't get busted for not breaking the rules and you can't break the rules then blame someone else for not stopping you. Brady knew he was breaking the rules, they didn't make the rule an hour before the game. Nobody forced him to do it, if he hasn't done it then he would have never been caught doing it. If I eat ice cream every day all day and gain 400 pounds its not the scales fault I'm overweight, its just reporting the facts.
  8. Yeah the Saints were on fire after Bountygate .... Pats make the playoffs every year, unless they finally have a perfect season I don't see much changing by them being extra motivated. They gonna run up scores ? They are known to do that anyways.
  9. The NFL is out to tarnish Brady ? I bet those spygate tapes were just home movies too. The NFL would love nothing more then Brady to be a model citizen. Pretty boy, multiple championship winner, married to a super model. Why would they purposely tarnish his image when they need some squeaky clean faces for the organization ? They have players killing people, beating women, beating kids, drug suspensions are an everyday thing, all kinds of woes. I doubt very much they want the face of the team with the most Superbowl wins this era to be tarnished. Goddell probably would have aired those balls back up himself if he could have got his hands on them before the officials rechecked them. He's on the hot seat though for being Kraft's buddy and I'm sure the way he destroyed the spygate stuff didn't sit real well with all the owners. He surely didn't want this, there was no sting operation, I would say that either the commissioner either didn't know before hand that the Pats were being accused of deflating balls or too many other people knew and he couldn't make a call to Kraft to tell his good buddy that he better make sure those balls were legit that week. Old Roger is now seeing Kraft's true colors, he will throw him under the bus to try and prove they didn't cheat when they did. You destroy tapes of my team cheating and I will take you for a ride on my yacht, you catch my guys cheating and allow it to go public then I will do my best to discredit you and accuse you of lying. If Brady was the great innocent hero caught in a lie, and is now willing to fight to the finish to protect his name then why wouldn't he have handed over his phone and email ? I mean if you are that concerned with not being seen in a bad light and know you are innocent then what's the big deal ? Do you think Peyton would have handed over his phones ? I'm betting yes. Lucks phone probably can't text so I'm sure he would hand it over. Look at all the endorsement deals Brady could lose by being a proven cheater ? Millions of dollars lost, but you hand over the phone and prove you are innocent then no problem. Bradys problem is his 2 cohorts were *s, and if he wants to force the issue I'm sure that those 2 *s will give him up quick. They don't have his millions to fall back on, they need their jobs more then he needs his at this point.
  10. I worked with a guy who presented his son with a bill on his 18th birthday. According to the kid the guy had figured up everything ever spent on him, like he had kept a list from the time the kid was born. He even had a payment schedule worked out. The guy was a major crook and we all knew it, but expecting compensation for raising your kid .., that's crazy.
  11. Bad player with baggage, the guy will always be a distraction in the locker room. His skills aren't good enough to risk making the other players nervous
  12. He was average at best in Cleveland. His numbers were no better then Ballards, he just got more touchdowns because nobody on that team could throw. He didn't break 1000 yards rushing, he had less the league average 4 ypc. He wasn't exceptional. Go look for a highlight reel from his time with the Browns, you won't find one. Its hard to make a highlight reel when he can't break a big run. Put the ball om the 1 yard line and give Trent 3 downs to try and pound it in and he might score, but to me that isn't all that impressive. You don't trade an impressive back after one season for only a fraction of what you paid for him.
  13. How would he have been a good fit ? Logically he would have played better then he did in Indy because the line is better, but logically anyone else would also improve behind that line. If he needs the best line in the NFL to become average then he stinks. Its not like they run schemes that would utilize Trent's talents, because he has shown none. He would pick up more yards behind a better line, as would every other back who suddenly got a better line. How does it make a good fit ? Let's say your ride a moped to work, one day there is no traffic and all the lights are green and you go full blast on your moped, you get to work that day faster then ever before. Now let's say you drive a Corvette and its the same with no traffic and no stop lights and you go full blast. Yes the moped did better when compared to the times there was traffic, but the Corvette also improved and made the moped seem to be standing still. Trent's the moped.
  14. No. Im sure they don't need me, from what I seen on twitter their fan base isn't thrilled.
  15. He will rush for a thousand yards. Might take a few years, but he'll get you there
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