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What's Worse Than 0-10?


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Orlovsky played better then Painter in the little time he has been in. Look at all those nice passes and threading the needle passes Orlovsky made. Painter would of threw INT if he tried (Oh wait....he did already). The Colts are having a bad season. I feel and believe that Orlovsky needs to start after the bye, let the fans get a really good look at what Orlovsky can do, stop putting him in the game with 4 minutes left. Put him in at the start and let us see what he can do...Season can't get any worse.

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Caldwell face expressions!

Wait, that would imply that he has more than one, wouldn't it? I guess there could be variations of the "deer in the headlights" look...

What's worse than 0-10? Hmm, don't know. Maybe a peanut butter and haggis sandwich? That might be a push.

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How about Painter being saved from two INT's on one drive (first by the sideline, then by Jim Tressel's 12th man challenge), only to throw a third INT on the very same drive?

nobody is complaining about the FO is worse than being 0 and 10.
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Donating the remainder of your season tickets to charity because you have no interest in going to the rest of the games this year. I've endured enough...

On a positive note, at least it will put a smile on some lucky kids face who's always wanted to go to a game.

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