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  1. No maybe you need to educate yourself. I'm comparing the stats because he has only played 3-4 DE for 2 season's and only 7.5 sacks in that time. All 7 years before that he played the same position as Freeney, 4-3 DE! His play only got better when he joined the Ravens & played along side all of those Pro Bowl players (Ngata, Suggs, Lewis). I'm not saying keep Freeney and play him at DE in a 3-4 D. I'm saying if they rebuilding, why not go younger because he may know the system but he may not play how he played along side Ngata, but like I said that's just my opinion. Everyone is intitle to
  2. I'm sure I know way more football then you think you may know. I know Freeney is not a 3-4 DE but neither was Redding until he got to the Ravens. He played the same position Freeny played in 7 straight years. I see the bigger picture but if you are rebuilding, why bring in a 31 soon to be 32 yrs old instead of a younger 3-4 DE? He won't be playing beside Ngata, Suggs, Cody or Ray Lewis in Indy! If he's cheap fine but other then that, bad signing & that's just my opinion! & yeah about my name, I changed it because I am laughing at Irsay because he's looking more & more like his fath
  3. He's only been a 3-4 DE for 2 years.
  4. Him being targeted first by the Colts, I doubt he will come cheap. He will be cheaper then Freeney but not productive as Freeny.
  5. So the 1st Free Agent they go after is Cory Redding??.. WOW! Rebuilding?? He's 31 already & the 1st player the Colts target. Smh!!! Let's try & trade Freeney and bring in a guy who's a couple of months younger & not the player Dwight is. I understand Freeney is owed a lot of money but Cory Redding? His play is thanks to Suggs & Ngata. Cory Redding - 131 games played.. 25.5 sacks Dwight Freeney - 149 games played.. 102.5 sacks Yeah he fits the system but it would be a bad signing IMO, especially being the 1st player Colts targeted!
  6. I'm at some of you guys post. Y'all real quick to bash him about dropped passes but you wanted him to resign with the Colts. Oh but now that he is going to sign with the Skins, he's awful. He lost the SB, He's overpaid. FUNNY! If this title said (Pierre Garcon resigned with The Colts) y'all would be singing another tune about him. Congrats to Pierre.
  7. Brown won't be the back you guys expect him to be, just like his first 2 years. Keep your fingers cross every time Luck drops back to pass while Brown is in. Collie is looking like he will be the #1 Wr now that Garcon will sign with the Redskins. With Collie having the concussion problems, will he trust his rookie QB going across the middle? And Collie isn't a #1 Wr in the NFL. White is just another "Gonzo" always injured.
  8. No.. They are better. Check the record and the roster.
  9. So Collie is going to be the #1 Wr now?.. Reggie is not coming back unless Irsay gives him a big contract or no other team offer him a nice amount of money. Too Funny!
  10. So long to the G.O.A.T. expect 6 or less wins next year!
  11. Via Adam SchefterColts and Robert Mathis trying to finalize a long-term deal but as a precaution, Colts used their franchise tag on him. Not going anywhere. https://twitter.com/#!/AdamSchefter
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