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  1. Luckily Texans don't have a 1st round pick next year... (traded to Browns)
  2. 3 targets between them, no catches. Surprised? I'm not
  3. I can see the premise of the opening post. Another thing to think about at is that the 6 easy division wins will almost automatically get us into the play-offs, and thus gives us draft picks in the 21-32 range. This puts us at a disadvantage compared to those that have seasons outside the play-offs. Not saying either opinion is right, but both I think are valid in some way.
  4. Redskins secondary with worse tackling than us, somehow
  5. I believe they were trying to get him to 8th place in all-time receiving yards. He finished 4 yards short of overtaking James Lofton
  6. Cincinnati drafted him in 2012, not us. We took him from their practice squad last season.
  7. What would happen if Pat got injured while undertaking all 3 duties? You still need 2 punters / kickers dressed, so one of them might as well be a specialist at punting / kicking.
  8. He'll probably be gone. Then go to Denver or New England and burn us.
  9. Ravens can still get the 3rd seed if they beat the Bengals and Miami win at New England. Unlikely, but still a small chance.
  10. Deji Karim and Mewelde Moore signed. Donald Brown and Robert Hughes put on IR. http://blogs.colts.com/category/colts-blog/
  11. Paul Kuharsky has just tweeted that Ben has cleared waivers and has gone onto Indy IR
  12. Brian Banks. The Seahawks are trying him out currently, he's been invited to their training camp
  13. Its Matt, not Mike Murphy that was cut. He was picked up on waivers by the Bengals
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