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  1. I'd rather see a pass rush than this color rush...
  2. While he has been a bust in the NFL, he was actually great when we saw him at the Lardarius Webb charity softball game last month. Laughed, joked, signed autographs, and ran 30 yards to first base. Didn't beat the throw, but he made it there.
  3. SyX

    SF Hires Chip

  4. SyX

    SF Hires Chip

    http://www.49ers.com/news/article-2/San-Francisco-49ers-Hire-Chip-Kelly-as-Head-Coach/d8b16b93-b0b5-468b-aaac-32822af5bbab?sf18864203=1&sf18864221=1 Wonder what this means for Kap? My Eagles fan friends are steaming mad.
  5. The Ravens were decimated by injuries this past season, as the injuries had a negative impact on the Colts as well. Yes, he was very successful here in Baltimore, not just last season, but in his tenure with the team. Fans here are MAD about the departure, because they saw him as the heir apparent, and the bright spot on the D coaching staff. They are happy for him getting this opportunity, but I'm sure there's an extra sting to losing him to the Colts.
  6. Well, there goes any chance the Colts had of becoming a dynasty. Guys like, um, Enemkpali only come along once in a lifetime. Maybe more often. Darn you, Rex! Why did you do this to Colts nation? Oh well, I'll wait patiently until the next "The Colts should sign" thread, and hope the signing happens...
  7. Wow, funny how the internet shrinks the world. I'm in Harford County as well. Moved here from the Indy area, so it has been interesting at times. As a Colts fan in Ravens country, it really hasn't been as bad as some may portray. Is there still anger? Yes, in some. There's a sadness and a void in more. I have many conversations about the Colts, and (in my expereince), people have moved on, or are in the process. There's a strange rivalry almost. Not the hatred of the Steelers or Pats, but more along the lines of someone dating the one that got away. You'll always see that one in a nega
  8. Manning jersey, football, helmet, a few 8x10 pics Harrison 8x10, football Edge 8x10, football Unitas helmet Collie jersey Fleener football Dungy pics and books Stover football Need to get out to Indy to get some more of the new generation.
  9. You've never heard of Chris Carter? Edit: There's more than one Chris Carter? Come on, man!
  10. There were a lot of people here (in the Baltimore area) who, believe it or not, were disgusted with that reaction. There will be, and are currently, many supporters of him in this area, but the vast majority of the reaction I am seeing and hearing has been very negative. I think part of the "pass" he was given locally was due to his positive activities and actions. He was (is?) very active in the community, and seemed to be an advocate for kids in many ways. That made the situation hard to swallow for many. But to see the brutality of the action has put the totality of it right in our sig
  11. Pat Angerer. Does that dispel this method of rating players based on their names?
  12. Wasn't able to get there, but did watch from home. I'll admit, I turned the TV off about 30 times, for a grand total of about 75 seconds. Got frustrated over and over, but hope, confidence or morbid curiosity got the best of me for a while. Then the points started to even out, momentum swung, and I was glued to the set for the rest of the spectacle.
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