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  1. I understand the business end of the NFL, but it still hurts that Reggie won't be with the Colts next year as we try to take the next step to the Super Bowl!
  2. The Bob Costas interview with Tom Brady makes one stop and say. Gee Tom tap dance around questions much..hmmm
  3. I agree with this, but guys have control with your aggression. No taunting and late hits on Cry Baby (oops Brady). However, hit him as often as you like prior to the whistle!
  4. I couldn't agree more with this post and the OP comments. My family is made up of Vikings fans they don't accept any belly aching from me.
  5. Colts will win if the following occur: 1) Boom/Tipton combine for 100 rushing and 100 receiving, 2) No Andrew Luck pick 6, 3) the Colt D can manufacture a minimum 2 sacks., and lastly Offense catch the dang ball! Go Colts
  6. My husband came through for me with a Colt notepad,Colt blanket, and a Colt house flag. I hope to fly it proudly during the Playoffs. Could be interesting with my neighbor across the street flying his Pittsburgh Flag.
  7. Need to pick two out of these in a PPR league: Moncrief,Watkins,Roddy White,Shane Vereen, or dare I ask Trent.Thanks
  8. I live in Richmond (Redskins training camp area). All I hear is how beat up they are in the secondary. Own them Andrew!
  9. 14 points is way too many for a division game with all of our injuries. We should win but if we can't stop the run it could be close.
  10. Call me superstitious but ever since I have checked in with our forum for fantasy help I've been winning. So here we go again: need to pick 3 out of 4, White vs TB, Watkins vs Kc, Benjamin vs Philly, Sanu vs Clev. PPR. normally I like Watkins but I heard he got nicked up this week. Thanks for the help!
  11. I too got bit by Cam Newton being inaccurate because I had Benjamin. Now I have to scramble in a PPR league for a solid flex. Vereen,Gore,Randle,Oliver. Please pick one
  12. Prayers for Robert and his family. I too lost my mom to cancer so my sincerest sympathies.
  13. Good morning! I need some quick insight. I read Shane Vareen missed practice on Friday due to illness. Will Bellchick hold him out or limit him in PPR? If so I have to fill in for my flex with Roddy White or M. Sanu. Any thoughts?
  14. Need WR help. I keep picking the non scorer each week. Benjamin vs Bengals, Sanu vs Panthers,Randal vs Eagles, White vs Bears, watkins vs Patriots. Need two. And would you start any of the remaining over Oliver vs Raiders as flex? PPR format
  15. I will be at the game shouting my lungs out for our Blue Horseshoes! I hope there will be some more like minded people in Houston .The key is keep Arian Foster in check and OL give Andrew time and open up some running lanes!
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