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  1. Christmas stuff in the stores in October . . . You know it's coming.
  2. I would rather have "egg on my face" thinking the best of someone than to state something which I don't know to be true based on suspicion. Yes I defended him and took him at his word, which I do with all people. It may make me naive but I don't mind. It makes me a happier person and it's a shame this happened but it in no way makes me think less of Jim. He is human after all and we all have our struggles. I don't mind being wrong when I feel my attitude is right.
  3. I understand the cheerleaders are a part of the NFL entertainment package but I go to a game to watch the game. I'm sure the girls have much more on their minds (their routines) than trying to meet people as an added distraction. I think it's unfair to the girls and a bad situation to put them in. There are other opportunities to meet the cheerleaders like the fanfests. This is a bit much imo.
  4. I like to watch Colts, Broncos, Seahawks, and anyone else playing except: Cowboys, Eagles and Jets. Of course I am a football junkie and will watch them if there is not another game on but it doesn't make me happy.
  5. I think this belongs in the "More handsome player" thread. I loved to watch this guy play (who didn't?) but I think his playing days are over.
  6. I am thankful for the people who take the time to share their thoughts on the forum and in doing so have become individuals I want to know and spend time with. Who have a common bond with me in caring about this team. Who yell and scream, cry and rant with me. Who so very often know what I want to say but say it better, or of course exactly right. I am thankful for the joy this team has given me. The excitement of a truly incredible play. The unexpected plays that bring me jumping to my feet with my fists in the air yelling at the top of my lungs. I am thankful for the pride I feel that the Colts are my team. That this is an organization I care about and they do it the right way. The good in the community, and the brotherhood of the team. I am proud of these guys. I am thankful that they have made me closer to my family. The time we spend together during a game and talking about it afterward. I am thankful that all those meals I have fixed for the game have been burnt up in calories during the game.
  7. Per forum rules: http://forums.colts.com/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=boardrules Please recognize the difference between attacking an opinion and attacking another member personally. Gentle reminder.
  8. I just don't like the Nike jerseys. I thought they would grow on me eventually but they haven't yet so it's still T-shirts for me. Anyone know how long the contract with NFL is for the Nike brand?
  9. This thread is an example of why I love this forum. Sure you get the bad but there are so many good people on here that off-set it and make it a place I want to visit. I hope you continue to post Warhorse but totally understand if you choose not to. Just remember you have friends here whatever you decide.
  10. Loved that series. I'm now looking for the books. (A little backward I know.) This. I love how he stays calm under pressure also.
  11. I really really like this guy and the more he plays the more I like him. I'm looking for big things from him.
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