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  1. Coltssouth

    Reggie Wayne

    Great pic! I'ma gonna' steal it.
  2. I love those! Thanks for the link.
  3. Cliffhanger near the end for sure!
  4. So sorry about your dad but what a great thing to do for him. Attitude is a big part of the fight for cancer, staying positive and keeping your spirits up. I also love that this team never gives up!
  5. Not me. That is one day I make sure I hide from the world. I hate crowds!
  6. I put this as my new desktop wallpaper. Thanks! Love the pic!
  7. Coltssouth


    Awwhhhhh He's adorable!
  8. "We shall see . . . we shall see" Love this! Yep . . . going to be an exciting year. I am so ready for some football.
  9. What a great vacation! Thanks so much for sharing it.
  10. The world is full of special people. I think one of them shared a blog with us today.
  11. You know anything titled "confessions" draws me like a bee to honey! :: Loved the metal bands . . . so many great ones.
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