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  1. It will be easier to take 3 years from now, but it is gonna sting for the next two years if PM is taking Denver to the playoffs.
  2. I will remember him as a minor assistant, who was a hire of a lack of effort by management. A team can only run itself for a season or two. He was never head coaching material in my opinion,so I will remember as just an assistant, nothing more! Seemed to be a good man though.
  3. I would keep T.O. as far away from Luck as possble. That would be like getting your puppy a rattle snake to play with. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  4. I can see a little sugar type huddle at times, maybe calling a couple of plays at the line. i THINK IT WILL BE AWHILE BEFORE WE SEE FLAT OUT NO HUDDLE AND HOPEFULLY WE WONT HAVE TO SCORE 35 A GAME TO WIN. Sorry for the caps.
  5. Thank you, you beat me to it! Everyone under estimates how poor our defensive scheme and coaches were. I don't see coach Pags gazing from the sideline clapping every so often and giving em a we are getting better six inches at a time quotes.
  6. Burfict for SURE, If can can keep his crap together and work hard!
  7. There is no chance a guy who averages about a tackle a game get s you more than a 4th rounder. Nothing against DF,BUT HIS NUMBERS LATELY ARE NOT THE GREATEST. When the first two numbers of your cap hit is more than your tackles per year,that is not good.
  8. I think 9-7 or even 10-6 is very possible.
  9. It was also leaked that Maurice Clabourne got a 4 or 6. I can't remember.
  10. With some good coaching(which they hav'nt had) I think there is some upside to both Rucker and Thomas!
  11. I agree here, I think 9 or 10 will be the number.
  12. That may be so. I thought all were taken down for the superbowl and these where the first two back up, maybe not.
  13. Rumor has it that Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis will be the new faces on the stadium. I guess my question is, if you are Freeney how do you feel. In my opinion Freeney has been the the D in Indy for many of years. So does that say anything about Dwights future here? Just a thought.
  14. Well with the restrictions put on defenders these days he would probably be safe.
  15. lol, no doubt. I had to go back to the top and make sure this was just Blair White.
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