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  1. Play the first half strong. If we're still in it, continue. If we're out of the game by the end of the first half, rest some of the starters that are a little banged up.
  2. I could get on board with this! That would make my year! We win a game or two in the playoffs and Manning wins the superbowl! This year. Next year, when we have more talent, I'll have to root for the Colts over Manning. That'll be a GAME! But I'd rather save it for next year...
  3. Aw dude, way to burst my bubble! Don't have a provider, just local tv and download whatver else I want to watch the day after it airs. I'm gonna be so bummed if there's no way to watch this game! I'm sure not everybody has NFL network. So how do you all watch the gamesThanks for helping me out, that's why I love this site. Everybody's so nice!
  4. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Just what I wanted to hear! When I went to TVguide and checked the listings it wasn't on local channels so I was in a mild state of panic!
  5. Hey everybody! Stoked about the game! Will it be on a local station? I don't have NFL network. Is there a way to watch the game if not? Thanks! Sorry if this is already a topic, I couldn't find it anywhere after a quick scroll through the topics. I didn't see anything on the main site either, but it's so jam packed with stuff I could have missed it.
  6. WOW. Some people are really suspicious! Manning went into June, July, August with NOOOOO idea that he wouldn't be able to play at all this year. He was working hard at rehab and hoping for the best. He had no idea that he'd be getting paid to stay on the bench. And so what if he was? How many times have we paid Gonzo, Sanders, Bethea, Garcon, Addai, and all the others to sit a significant portion of the season? Was Brady a waste of money when he went down for most of a season? entitlement issues, much? He'd never missed a snap until last season, but now I'm sure it's his fault the di
  7. It's not just emotion! It's history - with Peyton we win games, without him we're mediocre at best. SO we want to keep him. Why do Luck fans act like "oh, they're so irrational and emotional for wanting to keep Peyton?"
  8. SO BUMMED! It's gonna break my heart to see him go. I'll still root for the colts - as long as they're not playing him! Because we were the ones dumb enough to cut him we deserve to get our a$$ kicked every time we play him. Yeah, yeah, that makes me not a "real" fan. I know, And I'm okay with that. He's the reason I became a fan of football at all, so I feel I owe him that loyalty. It made me grin from ear to ear to see him throw again. The idea of him in another uniform is the height of stupidity to me.
  9. But we can't stop! We're anxiously waiting for any shred of real news and will get caught up in people's speculation until we get any definitive information!
  10. Right, but wouldn't Jeff take a few mil to come play for Manning's team for one more super bowl? And Manning would want the guy he trusts under center and any team wanting to attract manning would make it MORE attractive if they offer to take his guy too. Like I said, I don't know the precedent, it was just an intriguing question....
  11. I'm not saying I think Manning's leaving. But if he does, do you all think he'll take some of the free agents (esp. Wayne and Saturday) with him? Just asking! Please don't crucify me for saying Manning's gone, I want to run him out of town, etc. I DO NOT WANT MANNING GONE. But being a fairly recent (last decade) fan, I wanted to know if there's some precedent for that, if you think he'd make a package deal.
  12. Why not this? It seems like Manning would be willing. Irsay would be willing. And we would be ecstatic! Works for me.....
  13. Where's your chrystal ball, dude? You got some inside source we don't know about? Montana came back from the same surgery, why can't Manning? He may be healthy, he may be retiring. WE DON'T KNOW! This is all just speculation.
  14. So from the interview this afternoon with Shefter and the other interviews I'm getting the direct impression that whichever whey the Mannng thing goes, it won't take til March. We won't have to suffer from another month of this debate over wether Manning should get the boot! I don't think I could take it. Did anybody else get the sense with all the info out that we'll have an announcement in the next two weeks?
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