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  1. I kinda like them. A few are a bit too flashy, but most are just fine. I really like ours!
  2. Hurts to even suggest, but would teams be willing to do a trade for Freeney? I'd love to keep him if we're going to stay 4-3 or hybrid, but if we are, like some think, going to a full out 3-4 that he won't adapt to, a trade may be best for both.
  3. Seriously? We don't even have a set roster yet. Wait a few months.
  4. The just said on ESPN that it was Gonzo and Blair White
  5. Why does the popular opinion seem to be that either they draft Luck or nothing? There are many other quarterbacks in this draft class that would be more than adequate to come here and sit behind Peyton. And if Peyton does retire (knock on wood), there's no reason to think we won't pick a quarterback in some round, be it 1st or otherwise, in the draft. Luck, Barkley, Griffin - whoever. I'm sure they'll draft some quarterback. We'll just have to wait and see who it is.
  6. That was really heart-wrenching. Really miss seeing him out there....
  7. *Going to hide from the Patriots in the chatroom. We'll be safe there!

    1. Nadine


      : ) see you there!

  8. There's more from another site: "Peyton will now be allowed to increase the intensity and breadth of his workouts as tolerated. There remains every indication that his recovery will continue." http://www.kffl.com/gnews.php?id=757178-colts-peyton-manning-rehab-update
  9. Woohoo! We're not gonna lose this week!

  10. Got to go to the chatroom. Its the only way to make the game worth watching
  11. Does anyone have pictures? I saw one or two kicked-puppy faces, but no angry ones.
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