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Not able to watch today.

Perhaps a personnel issue on the field?

Just a guess.


I'm not able to watch, either.  I'm listening to the Texans' radio broadcast.



@ JCPatriot

A blocked kick or a runback might have given a chance for more points...


If that is the rationale, then I would call that a bad decision.  If you look at the odds of the Texans getting into FG range vs. the odds of the Colts blocking a kick, then the time out is much more likely to set the Texans up for points than the Colts.

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How did we not get a first down after going for 8 yards on first down? 2nd&2 and we lose yards and then a 5 yard pass goes incomplete. We need to be sharper. These are the things we have to work out before the playoffs.

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    • I literally just said money isn't the risk here.   Essentially we are saying that we are ok with starting Tevi all season long and if by some chance Fisher is back and ready to play, we'll get higher level LT play for a portion of the season.   A positive is that if Fisher comes back and is still able to play at a high level, we might be able to parlay that into a multi year deal and have LT locked up for another 2-3 years.
    • Lets just say Fisher doesn't come back 100% healthy until playoffs.  If we can somehow still manage to make the playoffs with our star studded roster and add a talent like Fisher for the playoffs, isn't that the risk you take?  Again, this is the least likely scenario that he returns in Jan opposed to Sept/Oct.  All I read for months is I hope the colts sign Eric Fisher, a former #1 overall pick and then all the doom and gloom.  
    • The Mack comment was just to point out it was 3 with achilles, not two.  It had no other connection with Dayo or Fisher.     I’m looking at it this way.  Ballard has been working this since FA... really before that.  FA didnt pan out for a starter at LT  which happens.  But we may have the beat depth this year than we’ve had for a long time.  And ALL across the line.  So then  The draft fell the way it did.  I can understand that.  Meanwhile Ballrd has still been working it.  Fisher?  Leno?   The history he has is a good thing.  It always is.  You know them better, in all ways.     Ballard felt “good enuff” to take the risk, cuz if it hits...... bang!    And i have a feeling Ballard is gonna still be looking to improve our “plan B” if Fisher is slow to return.  Cuts will offer some help as well I’m sure.  I’m not sure Fisher is the last addition/change to the OL mix. Just having Him in the building could help at the position as well.  Lots of knowledge , vet leadership, and dudes respect him.   Who knows what could happen, bit I’m more comfortable today than yesterday about the LT position. Hoping for the best.
    • Exactly this.   That being said, Villanueva was gone and depending who you listen to we either did or didn't have any interest. Some people said we had possible interest in Leno. Maybe we did, maybe we did not.   I saw nothing linking us at all to interest in a guy like Okung.   So to me if the option is "Sign Fisher and hope for the best" or "Stay with what we have and just roll w/ Tevi, Davenport, Holden" then this signing is a home run.   I think the only issue is our fans looking through the prism of "Risky signing or Fisher instead of a steady Leno". There-in lies the rub. If we really did pick Fisher over Leno then I agree w some fans being concerned on the risk/reward factor especially with only a 1 year deal where some of that year could be missed.   If we really truly were never going to pay what it would take to bring Leno in or we did not have nearly as strong of interest in Leno as some hoped or as we showed in Fisher, then this Fisher deal was a big win rather than just sitting on what we had.   I wonder if we will ever know the true interest in Leno or what any discussion w his camp were like if they occurred.     
    • A couple 3rd round picks that didn't get a 2nd contract yay I'm glad Mahomes is fine with that!  If our Colts are not the #1 threat to the Chiefs, who is?  Buffalo?  Tennessee?  Baltimore?  We went into the playoffs w/o a LT and the WORST coaching experience in the history of the NFL, missed kicks (AGAIN) but somehow still had the game in our hands to the very end only to be defeated from everything already mentioned.  No Turray = NO pass rush no matter how many ALL PROS we have in Buckner or Leonard just doesn't matter unless we get to the QB and we clearly did not.  This staff took notice and that is why they invested our first 2 picks on DL pass rushers no matter the cost.  This staff had a clear cut back up plan if the draft didn't offer our #1 need in LT and they addressed it by a former #1 overall pick that should be healthy come OCT.  A steal in my book and finally this staff went after the big fish on the market vs what many here call CAMP FODDER.  Project this team come Jan and I think you will be happy with the outcome.  30yrs old is nothing vs all other options.
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