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  1. Happy New Year everybody! It has been a very exciting and emotional year for our Colts. A staff liquidation, the draft, and an emotional season that has yet to end! Here's to all of you, to this club, and to the future! :disco:
  2. Hello everyone! Week 17 brought one of the most memorable wins that this team has had in recent years. I know that Chuck came back to work on December 24th (an early Christmas present of the season for us Colts fans for sure) but from a fan standpoint watching this game, THIS was Chuck's return. The emotions in Lucas Oil Stadium when Chuck took the field were absolutely incredible. As CBS prepared to cover our beloved Colts for their regular season finale, they aired a piece with Greg Gumbel interviewing Chuck. It was a piece that moved me to tears. It gives me goosebumps every single time tha
  3. Ah yes I love Cory! We can! We will! We must! When I went to the Bills Colts game a couple of weeks ago, I was able to shake his hand and get an autograph. I bought his jersey while in Indy as well-- he's my favorite player on defense; he's always in on the play! I was very happy to see him make captain!
  4. Thanks Nadine! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  5. So it finally happened. I finally got to see my beloved COLTS play in PERSON! My parents and I flew New York to Indy to watch my beloved COLTS take on my dad's beloved Bills. When I first learned we were going, I was beyond excited. I pretty much could not believe that we were actually going to a game! You have to understand-- I've been a fan of the COLTS for years now, and had never witnessed a game in person. In 2009 when Buffalo hosted Indy, I remember being sour that we didn't try to get tix to the game. My dad kept telling me that it would be cold, snowy, miserable, and the Colts would re
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