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  1. Yeah I heard the Jags wanted him for over a year now. Good for them for landing their guy!
  2. That's why I like Watt so much. No trash talk, he just gets it done on the field. I think he'll rope Clowney in a bit as far as the attitude goes. But I STILL think he's overrated.
  3. Me too. And from his actions, Grigson does too.
  4. I was wondering when I clicked on the thread "I wonder if he'd be better than Chuck."
  5. Denver game. I had the pleasure of being there, and was seated above the endzone where the safety happened. The atmosphere was electric. And the montage had people in tears (including myself).
  6. Yeah I was torn on team MVP between DB and Luck. And when I saw your avatar I regretted not finding a spot for Da'Rick
  7. Team MVP: Donald Brown Offensive Player of the Year: Andrew Luck Defensive Player of the Year: Robert Mathis Outstanding Leadership Award: Andrew Luck Best Game Award: AFC Wild Card Most Improved Player: Coby Fleener Best Acquisition (Draftee/FA): Gosder Cherilus Biggest Surprise Player: Donald Brown Breakout Player of the Year: TY Hilton Costliest Injury: Vick Ballard (leading to a first round pick being traded away, not bashing Trent here)
  8. Especially that West Division. Arguably the most powerful in football this year. But yeah I had the same sort of feeling about the NFC Championship Game this year as people had about the AFC Championship Game in 2006. Both games were arguably "the Super Bowl".
  9. To be fair, the coaching staff said that he had a great season all year long, and I think most fans would agree with that assessment. He and Gosder were great on the line this year.
  10. Lance really REALLY got snubbed. I hope he's Finals MVP.
  11. The most frustrating thing is I guarantee you if Freeney had put up the same exact stats as Mathis, he would have won it. It's one of those things where Mathis isn't as "known". Yes he was voted to the Pro Bowl, but regardless.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I like JJ Watt.... but he didn't TOUCH the season he had last year. And yah, I'm annoyed that Mathis wasn't mentioned. Not surprising though.
  13. In defense of Samson.... that EBlack guy saying that he's watched every Colts snap since he was 7 years old doesn't make him an expert at playing professional football. The kid is probably 10 the way he's arguing with Satele. But on the other hand... Satele is keeping it going..... ugh. I'm done.
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