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DONT blame the receiver - LUCK is OFF today! Both those passes have been 3 yards left - he appear to be letting go of the ball to late in his delivery.

TY stopped short they are not on the same page. Who screwed up we don't know but my guess is that Luck didn't throw the wrong pass on the play he called. Luck is changing a lot of the stuff at the line. My guess is the WRs aren't getting the right calls out to them since that's the second time it's happened.

Also Jags D is playing out of its mind at the moment. This has not been the Jags D that showed up the first three weeks.

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That was a timing route that TY seriously screwed up. Luck trusted Hilton was where he was suppose to be from first glance.

right, I get it, Luck predetermined where he was going to go with the ball based on the type of route....I just dont like it, and we just saw why

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