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Took them in a couple drafts then promptly dropped them after the Oakland performance. I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize my part in helping the D along. All my fantasy moves tend to by wrong.

Same here...smh. Cincy has been terrible today. I suck at FFB

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I am glad for the win...but in the first quarter we underperformed .... Luck made a number of poor decisions and we seemed stagnant. The defense was fantastic and I love having them show up. Richardson was slightly disappointing and brown was extremely surprising..I'm disappointed brown did not get more touches (I can't believe that I just said that).

Congrats to us colts fans here sharing the joy of the win. Also I will add who had Tennessee winning today? I thought that we'd have soul possession of the division today. Hey at least we are 3-1 and in control of our own fate after 4 games ;)

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    • I honestly don't know. Neither team has started well. Both are very similar teams. Both have a really bad loss and two close games.   I think the 3.5 line will probably move to -3 by Sunday, which is basically a pick 'em.   Really depends on which TEN defense shows up.    Colts 24-21.    
    • i think no Doyle is hurting smith a lot. Also both he and Kelly are worried about Pinter so they aren’t able to just hold their own. Pinter is learning and I heard frank isn’t willing to move Pinter out for some reason. 
    • On the huge win last Sunday! What’s your impressions of the Colts so far this season? My boys look shaky but we’re still 2-1. I’m concerned though. 
    • Good point, I almost brought that up because it is responsibility of a RB to pick blitzes up on some plays. We may need to go 2 TE on some plays for extra blocking. Woods and Granson both seem to be Matt's favorite targets outside of Pittman anyway. 
    • The more you look into PFF, you realize you really need to take their grades with a grain of salt. For one, there is so many little intricacy's in the game, that only the guys on the field. For example, the free rush into the A gap that sacked Ryan. Whos fault is it? We literally still don't know. Could be Kelly, could be Taylor, could be someone else all together. The problem is, the PFF guys HAVE to pick someone. Or say on defense you're trying to pinch one side of the DL and force a run the other way. So the weakside DE pinches in, and the weakside LB or nickel is supposed to set the backside edge, but they mess it up and lose the edge. On tape, it looks like the DEs fault not containing, but it could easily not be. But again, PFF HAS to pick one to blame.   Also, the people grading, not saying all, but largely aren't qualified. I've interviewed for a data analyst role with them and turned it down. I wouldn't even say I'm qualified.
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