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  1. I haven’t had time to scroll the litany of posts here but I think it is 95% mental. The “yips” in golf terms. Dude is missing kicks a high schooler could make, not 50 yarders that are landing short: My old boss was at the game in Nashville and said he was drilling 55 yarders with room to spare in warmups. I know that’s not a game situation but it leads me to believe this may be a mental thing, originally brought on by something physical (remember he had an issue in camp) and it’s screwing with him. If it were a legit injury issue the Colts would have brought in a guy or two as insurance. Since they don’t look to be doing that, they’re banking on this being a slump Adam can work out of. They’re publicly backing him to boost his confidence IMO, and give him a shot at pulling it together until season’s end. It may work, it may not...I’m hopeful it does and he wins us a game or two this year. Bc with Jacoby at the helm this isn’t a “blow your doors off” offense. It’s more ground game, grind it out, physical football that can lead to close finishes like these past two weeks. Adam needs to get right....I’m praying when it’s his first time kicking next Sunday, the crowd goes nuts in support....but also fear booing from the *
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