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OK, Pep is doing better, he only had HALF a dozen stupid play calls for the game situation today.

Come on are you a fan or what. We've just won a game as massive under dogs by playing them off their own field. For once can't you just enjoy it the feeling and stop nit picking. There is plenty of time for that after, for now can't you just smile. :)

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Come on are you a fan or what. We've just won a game as massive under dogs by playing them off their own field. For once can't you just enjoy it the feeling and stop nit picking. There is plenty of time for that after, for now can't you just smile. :)

I am a TOTAL Colts fan of several decades and I am overjoyed by the BIG win.
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Indeed it was a very nearly complete game...I'd say it was perfect if luck would have had at least 1 TD but I was DANG proud of our defense for the first time in a long time. I expected to have far more trouble with the Niners but we contained very well today.

On the other hand the redskins and giants both appear to be in serious trouble...but the giants are in the worst of trouble of the two.

Hoping Tennessee would have lost today but hey we are in a tie in the division.

HOWEVER....I think the game that will say the most about our team will be the next week against the jags...if we spank the jags (as we should and like Seattle did today) then I will believe we are heading in the right direction. Can't wait to see Richardson out next game with some more time to acclimate and learn the offense.

Feeling proud of our team today though! Way to go team and congrats to all us Colts fans!

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A very entertaining game Sunday afternoon upsetting the NFC Champions San Francisco 49ers on the road, Colts Nation!!!!!  :D     Seems the 49ers were also favored to win since the Colts just played a road game at Candlestick Park.   ;)  Andrew Luck, and the Colts offense, defense, and special teams kept the 49ers in check, especially the turnovers by the Colts. New Colts RB Trent Richardson even travelled, suited up,  played,  game ready, and even contributed  on the field, rushing 35 yards in 13 carries, averaging 2.7 yards. 


Luck also outrushed the 49ers Colin Kaepernick  4 carries for 24 yards compared to Kaepernick's 7-20. Another footnote is with Sunday's victory, the Colts lead the all-time series record with 25 wins, and 18 losses.


Colts play another road game next Sunday as they play their AFC South rivals Jacksonville Jaguars, where they played up in the Pacific Northwest, and lost to another NFC West opponent Seattle Seahawks, 45-17 at CenturyLink Field Sunday afternoon.  Jaguars are 0-3 in the season, but just like the 49ers, are preparing and want to upset our Colts at EverBankField.  After three of the season, both the Colts and Texans are tied for first place in the AFC South Division.  Ravens routed the Texans 30-9 giving their first loss of their season at Baltimore, and Texans are hosting the Seattle Seahawks at the same time as the Colts @ Jaguars game next Sunday.


Hopefully the Colts players, with the leadership on the field and sidelines by both Andrew Luck and Head Coach Chuck Pagano, will also try to prevent that, and continue on to win their third regular season game in 2013.  


Let's all as Colts fans enjoy the victory this week over the 49ers, and I'll see all of you here on the board and thanks for participating!  Until next Sunday, have a great week all of you, and  GO COLTS!!!!!      ;)   :coltslogo:       :thmsup:  :rock::excited:   :td:  :coltshelmet:  :blueshoe:   :1colts:  :colts:  :coltslogo:   :D


Colts  @ 49ers Final Game Box Score, From The Indianapolis Star:



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    • I think going to a natural surface across the league will reduce all categories of injuries significantly. Simply put, the ground is softer than the surface underlying the artificial surface.
    • Fair point.    So I’ll ask this question….   Do you think all our chips are in this year?     Objectively….   We traded away Gilmore, our best corner, we didn’t bring back McCloud, our best safety by far.   We’ve made zero major moves to address the offense other than the draft.   No big FA moves.   So the Colts are a young team that’s going even younger.   So based on what we’ve done and haven’t done I don’t see all our chips being in this year.     That said….  No owner wants to say that publicly — it’s bad for business.   The Colts are trying to sell an exciting future.   The quiet part is that the future is very likely not happening this year.      Just some food for thought. 
    • They changed it at LOS but not at W56th street practice facility or Westfield where they hold TC. There was an article about it last fall. The top 4 most injured teams include the colts and they all have the oldest and hardest turf packages at both their stadiums and other training facilities
    • I think it should be more like 4th and 25 but would still be against it.  It strongly favors a passing team.  A team that relies on the run much more would suffer.
    • This thread isn’t very consistent with all chips in.
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