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  1. When Stephen Gostkowski was injured last season the Patriots signed Younghoe Koo to their practice squad. When they decided on Mike Nugent they cut him and he signed with the Falcons. Koo was named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week twice last season and has converted 5 straight onside kicks.
  2. It's true in my corner as well. We love dirty laundry. But it's relatively quiet here today despite losing to the Seahawks last night. Not knowing what kind of team we would have this year, I guess it showed that they will compete.
  3. Russell Wilson has never received an MVP vote. He is an underrated superstar.
  4. Bill Belichick watching Cam Newton. Bill Belichick watching Tom Brady.
  5. You can never count out Mahomes but the Ravens get the early nod.
  6. Sorry. Just getting back to this. It's a concern, certainly. Brady had improved in the pocket where he was already very good. Having Edelman back will help, as Brady won't have to hold the ball as long as he has had to without him. The Chiefs defense will test that horrible Patriots offensive line. Getting Vollmer back should help.
  7. Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady - The Final Chapter
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whGVHY0kC5s
  9. Plug n' play. Running backs in this offense just need to be able to pass protect.
  10. Yup. I read somewhere that the Pats had their sights on Jackson until Big Vince fell in their laps.
  11. What recourse did he have? He is a part of the NFL. In essence he punished his own team. Without backing from the majority of owners, there was nothing he could do. He did gripe about it though.
  12. It appears Gronk will play. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=14355298
  13. Yeah, I don't really expect him to play anytime soon. The initial thought was he would be out until the playoffs. Now it appears it could be sooner.
  14. The link in my previous post. It's a 6 minute video of Bill Belichick breaking down game tape of JJ Watt and the Texans defense.
  15. Lol, it fits. First Troy Brown, then Wes Welker and now Julian Edelman. It's been a joy to watch. Did you watch the Belestrator?
  16. Watt isn't hobbled, he just has a boo-boo. It's going to take more than that to slow him down. He has Belichick concerned, http://www.patriots.com/video/2015/12/11/belichick-breakdown-previewing-jj-watt-and-texans Seeing Gronk and Incredelman on the practice field is encouraging. I still doubt Gronk plays but if he does it shows you the importance of this game.
  17. Standard scoring, 1/2 point ppr. I have started Randall Cobb all season long. I grew tired of seeing Eric Decker outscore him week after week sitting on my bench. 1st round of playoffs this week and I made the switch. Decker vs TEN Cobb vs DAL. What would you do?
  18. That would be fine with me. Belichick and Brady disagree.
  19. Pro Football Focus @PFF Tom Brady's average time to throw: 2.13 with Julian Edelman healthy (Fastest in NFL) 2.65 without (8th slowest) 9:59 AM - 7 Dec 2015
  20. This is a huge game for the Texans and they have been playing well. The Pats offense has struggled big time without Edelman. Brady has had to hold the ball longer and the offensive line has been a sieve. Health is paramount to wins for the Patriots at this point. Get this team healthy and I won't care where they're seeded.
  21. Fewest Three-Game Losing Streaks Last 15 Seasons New England Patriots 1 Indianapolis Colts 7 Pittsburgh Steelers 7
  22. Warriors but the Panthers with just the ninth 12-0 start in the Super Bowl era are pretty darn good.
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