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  1. Bill Belichick watching Cam Newton. Bill Belichick watching Tom Brady.
  2. Thursday games are a joke. It's just a money grab. Coaches hate 'em. Players hate 'em. Four days isn't enough time for players to recover but playing after the bye is a good idea.
  3. That was an ugly game but we've seen it before. Last year it was the early season pass defense but a favorable schedule straightened that out (until the super bowl lol). You can't judge the Patriots in September. Wait and see is the best response. Some good news, Brady has never lost at home against the Dolphins (except the last game of the 2005 season which he only played the first quarter). Or, Brady and Gronk have contaminated the locker room.
  4. It was a quick handshake but it was hot out there.
  5. The contract market for wide recievers went sky high this season. The Patriots don't overpay. Brandin Cooks 5 year, $81,000,000 ($49,459,000 guaranteed) Danny Amendola 2 year, $12,000,000 ($6,000,000 guaranteed) (33 years old in Nov.)
  6. Hi Gramz! How are you doing? It is true this is a different team and maybe this will finally be the end of an era. However... I've heard that many times before! I'm looking forward to October 4. We haven't played you guys in a while.
  7. I've observed during the Brady/Belichick tenure that the Patriots treat the first four games of the regular season kinda like the preseason. They don't scheme as much as later in the season. They seem slow and out of shape. After game 5 you get a much better read on what kind of team they will be. They are 7-1 in game 5's the last 8 seasons.
  8. Phillip Dorsett on Josh Gordon, https://www.patriots.com/video/press-pass-patriots-on-gordon More Dorsett from last week,
  9. I read somewhere the Patriots now have made 28 transactions involving a wide receiver since the start of the new league year in March. Wow!
  10. Few if any of us know the toils of playing football at that level. I can't blame him for walking away, literally, but it is true he should have remained on the sidelines until the game was over. That part he will sorely regret.
  11. Like "voluntary" has a different meaning in the NFL than in real life, so does rivalry. Do the Colts have this game circled on their calendar? Do the Patriots? I don't know the answers but if yes, then its a rivalry.
  12. Because they are the most successful team in NFL history. Both punishments didn't fit the crime. Spygate - Goodell admitted filming gave the Pats little to no advantage. He wanted to show all the NFL teams who the new sheriff in town was. The Patriots were fresh off a 18-1 season and they had 2 #1 picks. Example made. Deflategate - In the words of Belichick, ridiculous.
  13. What Josh did was wrong. You guys have every right to roast him. I'm glad you ended up with a good coach anyway. That was fortunate. I look forward to the renewed rivalry and wish Andrew Luck good health. He is the reason I joined this forum.
  14. Tom has defeated time! Last I heard the next episode was delayed after the super bowl loss but its coming soon. There are a few fans in Patriotland who were furious at Belichick when Jimmy was traded but most of us want Brady to retire a Patriot. After he wins a few more super bowls of course.
  15. You didn't claim that I did. For the next few years yes, Brady is the best QB moving forward. Jimmy could not do what Brady did in the last 2 super bowls. After that we'll see. How hard is it to find another franchise QB? lol Jimmy wanted to play. His contract was up, he wasn't going to stay and Brady isn't leaving. Brady is defying the odds and all logic by performing at a high level despite his age. Belichick knows this so I really doubt he wanted to keep Jimmy over Brady. Then again, what do I know?
  16. You actually believed that Wickersham article? lol Jimmy is going to go his whole career undefeated. Seriously!
  17. The top defenses this season were shown to be frauds.Offense ruled the playoffs.
  18. No idea. I didn't like it. He's their #2 corner. He played 98% of snaps in regular season. They say it wasn't disciplinary. Not sure I buy it. It reeks of the Welker benching.
  19. Believe what you want but since 2007 the Patriots are the most scrutinized team in the history of sports. Prying eyes are everywhere. Because of this the Patriots do things above board more than most teams.
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