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  1. There can be only one.

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    2. BrentMc11


      Lays potato chips?

    3. southwest1


      I'm gonna guess it's a Rush lyric from 1 of their many classic songs FE. No, I don't know which 1 specifically. Care to enlighten us all? Thanks.

    4. Flying Elvis

      Flying Elvis

      SW1, I threw you a curveball this time. The Fish got it right. It's from The Highlander, one of my all-time favorite movies.

      It could also characterize the Super Bowl champion.
  2. The future disappears into memory With only a moment between Forever dwells in that moment Hope is what remains to be seen

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    2. southwest1


      And what happens if you have no memory & are suffering from amnesia? Forever doesn't matter, the future doesn't matter, & the only thing that does matter is the hope that you can remember your name, your address, & your significant other & close friends. Hopefully, she's smart, wealthy, & drop dead gorgeous while we are at it. Even with amnesia, I dream big & my moment of memory is awesome.

    3. Flying Elvis

      Flying Elvis

      :0) The lyrics are by Neil Peart again. It's "The Garden" from their latest album. http://vimeo.com/69675246

    4. southwest1


      Does that mean that I make a "Rush" to judgment giving up so quickly & not throwing a few educated guesses out there FE? Okay, not all that funny I admit. :D

  3. Good question. Since Andy only keeps track of wins, I would say it's not counted.
  4. If we burn our wings Flying too close to the sun If the moment of glory Is over before it's begun If the dream is won Though everything is lost We will pay the price But we will not count the cost

    1. southwest1


      Cool quote FE. Melting our wings makes liftoff darn hard. :)

    2. Flying Elvis

      Flying Elvis

      It sure does SW1. Thanks. It's a lyric from a great song by my favorite band.

    3. southwest1


      Great band FE! Neil Peart is a superb drummer too. Percussion playing & chilling to great bands like Rush is my favorite obsession/past time. Excellent choice my friend. :D

  5. Woot Woot! All home teams winning thus far except the Jags. This game is too easy.
  6. One more thing, to make up for being a Patriots fan trespassing in enemy territory, I'm going to pick the Colts to win every week. It actually helped me last week.
  7. Tough picking this week. I went all home teams with the Colts & Patriots being the exceptions. My picks are far different from everyone else's. I'm either going to come back down to earth or solidify my stronghold on 1st place. Good luck all!
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