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    • I hate to bring up the name Grigson, because it triggers so many around here, but I cut RG slack when it came to draft picks because I always say its a collaborative effort between the GM and the HC.  In both regimes, Pagano and now Reich have influence into the picks.  HCs tend to get who they lobby for.  Maybe not in a specific round, or specific draft, but over the course of several years the GM got them the kind of players they wanted.   Yes, Ballard makes the pick, but I think the entire staff is responsible for the production.  I don't think that Ballard is forcing players on Reich.  I think they want to build a certain way and what we are seeing is the result of what they have done so far, together.  Not very imaginative because they don't have those kinds of players yet.  Some of the players they added for that purpose haven't worked out as planned so far.   So yes, Reich and Flus have to play the players that are here, and that has more to do with what we see on the field right now more so than any deficiencies in their coaching abilities.  JMO.  We're strong in the middle.  We're going to emphasize that right now.   And its kind of what I would expect to happen when your best player on offense is a Guard.
    • I was being sarcastic.    that said, this is a what have you done for me lately league and so far, I’ve not seen the TY of old since December 2018. I’d be fine with moving on, I really don’t think we’d suffer much if any loss
    • 1973 for me.  Before that I was a Viking fan.  In 1971 I had a family member who was going to LSU and was training as an Olympic weight lifter.  So I started watching the Tigers and really liked Bert Jones.  I was already a Baltimore Oriole fan because that was the name of my Little League baseball team earlier so I liked Brooks Robinson a lot. I played 2nd base so I also liked Davey Johnson.  I followed Bert Jones when he was drafted by the Colts and the rest is history. 
    • Hilton is making plays , just unfortunate penalties have negated some of his best and some of the others resulted in P.I. calls which we gained yardage (Have said before wish NFL kept track of yards gained through P.I. drawn for players, they are just as good as catches in reality) . I'm not saying he is what he was just saying he doesnt seem to have fallen off a cliff either. As for Fountain, small school guy who has measurables (Nothing like Cain who helped lead Clemson to a national title vs the best NCAA competition and had even better measurables ), injury put him behind and doesnt look fully back while others have passed him like Johnson and even Harris.  Hope he gets a P.S. spot somewhere if not us and hope he eventually makes it as a team's 5th or 6th WR, that is likely his upside.
    • I sincerely apologize for disagreeing with your bad takes.
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