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  1. Right call. Glad to see it. Let's get a coach in here that doesn't call timeouts in the other teams two-minute drill and shows a little emotion on the sidelines at least. This is an emotional game for the fans and the players. Seeing a timid coach on the sidelines just never did anything for me. I know it won't happen, but it'd be really great if the chin wanted to coach the Colts and get out from behind the CBS desk.
  2. I'll be interested to see next year, if Manning is back, what we can do with that kind of running game. Even Addai has stepped up the first few games of the season.
  3. Nah, not taking it hard. Just tired of a bad series of games asking for a coaches head. We all knew Caldwell wasn't a head coach caliber person from the time Dungy had to leave over his sons death. Yet all of a sudden they're losing and everyone wants to trash the coaching. Let's live with the year that it is.
  4. Last two weeks we had the lead, we still lost. So what. We're built to play with Manning. He'll be back, but not this year. STay fans and cheer on your blue this year. Accept the losing season.
  5. maybe some fans are tired of hearing about all the negative. yeah they having a bad game, so what. I'm still proud of my team. I'll be a Colts fan next year even after a possible 0-16 team this year.
  6. I'm saying shut up and quit being haters. If you are a Colts fan, root on the Colts, quit worrying about the coaching during a season noone knew what was going to happen without Manning.
  7. Funny hardly anyone questioned Caldwell last season. I agree the team is hurting. But it's amazing during an off season to see the Bandwagoners seperated from the Fan-wagoners.
  8. Sorry I'm late....bowling night is Sunday night. Anyway, I've already heard all the discontent amonsgst the fans. Who cares. I've been a fan of the Colts since the Harbaugh campaign. Loved the underdog then, love them still today. My grandma told me I should have been a Bears fan (she's from Detroit). Oh well, no. I'm a Colts fan for life. If they are going to have a down year, let it be this year. Manning maybe has 3 or 4 years left in him and I look forward to his return. This year, a down year, lets have that down year and take a good quarterback that will lead us into the future.
  9. good game for 57 minutes guys. just a couple late turnovers to kill ya. See you again next game.
  10. and we give it right back, heh...that's our season in a nutshell
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