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  1. Hahaha!We'll be one and done if we keep coming out unprepared to block, catch, cover and tackle.
  2. I can't imagine a scenario where we win in the playoffs. Before this week, we have only beaten two teams over .500.
  3. Fake punt was a good call. Coaches try to put players in positions to succeed. McDonald HAS TO MAKE THAT CATCH! My biggest concerns are ol blocking and pass defense.
  4. Bey's performance has been nothing short of terrible. It's actually pretty amazing that such a large, fast nfl WR could be so bad at catching a football. I had high hopes for him and would love to have him, but he has to first learn the most basic skill in his craft.
  5. Hope Brazill can play because he needs all the experience he can get, and as excited as I was to get dhb this yr, I get physically upset watching him try to catch a football. His hands panic, like those of an uncoordinated someone who doesn't know how to catch...
  6. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but doesn't putting Reggie on IR open another roster spot by itself?
  7. He played pretty well for two days experience in the system. Let's not start circling just yet...
  8. This was definitely his most productive game this season. I'm waiting for bigger & better. He's a stash on my Fantasy team (14 team league) and I'm REALLY hoping he can consistently get 50-100yds & .5 TD's /game.
  9. Cool, just a hair too long. I like 'The 1-2 Punch." Though, I think Luck, by itself, is good.
  10. Incredible win for Indy yesterday. The D really came to play, solid performance by Luck, and Bradshaw ran wild. If we can solidify the Oline, and gain consistency on both sides of the ball, we will have a monster!

    1. HungarianColtsFan


      Definitely. We all were waiting for such dominance. I, personally haven't expected it to come so soon.

    2. Rblake


      Ha! Me either, buddy! Hopefully we can maintain some of that consistency.

    3. HungarianColtsFan


      Yeah, that's the keyword for us now: Consistency.

  11. FWIW - I'm a Colts & 9ers fan & I picked the 9ers, too. Incredible win by the Colts, tho. I've been replaying the game since last night.
  12. Given the nature of some of DC's ridiculous gun laws past and present, I really want to reserve opinion on that until I have a LOT more info. Any way you cut the fleeing, whether he was the driver at any point, or only on foot, is as inexcusable as being in possession (constructive or otherwise) of the controlled substances. At the very least, he's showing serious flaws in his decision making process.
  13. Seriously? He hasn't played a down yet and we're comparing him to one of the better NT's the NFL has ever seen?
  14. BA was an enormous loss. He was a very good strategist and an excellent motivator. Those are two very important, and difficult to replace, factors in any position coach or coordinator. Luck should be able to pick up his new OC's adapted-to-the-NFL offense with relative ease. I'm more concerned with how the OL and DL have been improved.
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