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  1. P-Money

    Mike Vick

    Really good letter Mike wrote. Always did love watching this man play and rooting for him. Really gives you some insight on how he feels and what he went through. http://www.theplayerstribune.com/michael-vick-atlanta-falcons-super-bowl-li/
  2. This.. I used to watch multiple games a week. I'm lucky if I catch a Colts game live now. Primetime games are usually the only live ones I watch anymore. DVR has changed my life lol. If it's nice weather I find myself not sitting in front of a television on Sundays now. This is also the first year in about twenty that I haven't went to any games either. I think the whole disrespecting our country at the seasons beginning let the wind out of my sail. The NFL shouldn't have allowed that imo
  3. My buddy bartended at the Bally by ISU. Every Thursday evening they'd all pack in there. Got to meet almost the whole team every year. Played darts with Stokley and Vinny. Peyton kinda stuck to himself for the most part sitting at the bar with Reggie or Jeff. Marvin never came around. The only one I never met
  4. He's the biggest whiner in the league when he gets hit. My point was that in order to beat them you have to get pressure on Brady otherwise you might as well pack up and go home. They did lose those 2 games that you mentioned so what could've happened is a moot point. Atlanta just shut down a very hot Rodgers (who is more dangerous imo) so they can definitely have a good shot at Brady One thing Atlanta doesn't have an answer for is Bill and Josh. Together they're smarter than any duo in the league.
  5. Horrendous play calling on 3rd downs is what killed the Steelers last night. Atlanta won't make those lame mistakes
  6. Caldwell was in the same boat. He's gone more than likely
  7. Dude, we sucked and deserved to lose that game. Goodell messed that whole thing up. That's why everyone swept it under the rug
  8. You can't hold Jones, he's too strong. He'll get open. The Pats are in the same situation as the Falcons. Gotta get pressure or its game over. This game will either be a shoot out or one defense will step up and get their team a win. Falcons have a stronger D in my opinion so advantage to them.
  9. Pass rush is key! Brady can't take a hit. Secondly, stay the hell away from zone defense. Bill and Josh are masters at getting their receivers to find holes in your zone. Brady just has to sit back and wait for them to be wide open. Getting in his face with pressure and getting the ball out faster really messes up his comfort zone. If the Texans had a decent offense they'd beat the Pats for sure and could be headed to the Super Bowl.
  10. This!! It's totally ridiculous how wide open their receivers get all the time. That's because of great coaching and game planning, not Brady. Brady is good but without the Hoodie he'd be an above average NFL qb without the rings
  11. Glad they made it. They've had one heck of a season. 38/24 Falcons
  12. Nothing wrong with using Twitter. He was fooled by Grigson. Just glad he woke up, swallowed his pride and axed the arrogant fool
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