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  1. There's a lot more to speculate about in this saga. Seems like Chuck must go now that this has leaked out but if I'm Chuck maybe I just coach until they fire me, whenever that is. He's a cancer survivor so when he's done here he can spend time with his family and friends and be financially secure . Not a bad retirement . If he is fired what happens to Grigson? Does he have any input on the coach or will he now be stuck with the coach Irsay gets? Also, what about the waiting for Peyton Manning to be ready for the GM position, presumably sometime in th
  2. Contending for what? If you mean contending for the division among other mediocre teams then I wholeheartedly agree. If you mean contending for a deep run in the playoffs then I think we are still a ways from that. New England, Pittsburgh (with a healthy Ben) and maybe another team or two are still out of our league so to speak.
  3. This makes little sense. As an NFL linebacker, Jackson is in better shape and stronger than 99% of pizza delivery drivers. If anyone were a delivery driver and a very large black man confronted you over a parking spot how would they react? Would they start throwing punches first? Of course not. At the time the driver does not know he's an NFL player. The driver's version of events makes much more sense. According to the driver, Jackson told him to get the f out of his parking spot and became aggressive. He punched him, choked him and threatened to kill him. It wasn't until
  4. A team that went 9-7 and won the division last year with absolutely no QB play and no Arian foster just upgraded both spots. Not saying Brock is going to be great but if he plays solid and keeps turnovers down they could be a very good team.
  5. Jeff Saturday seemed to make it just fine to 35 and still be productive.
  6. Whoo hoo! Looking for the next Trent Richardson!
  7. Look at Grig's first picks in each draft: Fleener..average but gone Werner..bad and gone Trich... absolutely horrible and gone Dorsett..meh dont know. that should tell you enough right there. so much for building the monster and protecting #12
  8. It was stupid. This year like any of the previous years have shown the only way to beat the power teams, especially the Patriots, is through defense. So, loading up offensively, like we've done since 1998, is NOT the way to get us super bowl wins.
  9. Why not go to Houston where they have no QB and still won the AFC south. With that defense maybe he could get them a playoff win or two. And we'll get to see him come here.
  10. Shouldn't it be instinct for an nfl player to dive on a loose ball? Especially when you're the one that fumbled it?
  11. Good grief. As if Jim Irsay isn't rich enough after all the money he has taken from the taxpayers of the Indianapolis area.
  12. I wouldnt say it was great. We were at home for starters. We had a healthy Luck and beat an injured Manning (Like last year's playoff). We jumped out to a lead and almost blew it. Denver's defense gifted a sure win on the last drive with penalties. It was a good win but nothing great.
  13. Why should we wait and see who falls to us? Trade up and get a top LB if necessary. Waiting and taking bpa hasnt quite worked wonders for us.
  14. What happens when London gets the home field advantage or first round bye? Imagine playing Sunday in the wild card round and having to travel for a Saturday game in the divisional round.
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