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  1. Ok, that's who I was talking about I didn't know he was talking about Good.
  2. I saw it also a flag was thrown, he literally grabbed the guy around his neck and put him in some type of half sleeper hold.
  3. Ok it's the 1st preseason game. We don't look like world beaters after 1 preseason game. I will hold off judgement until game 1 when we see 12 and starters playing a full game before I make judgement.
  4. You can't answer all those questions after one preseason game
  5. Yeah I was wondering as well. Also has anyone heard anything on Hassan Ridgeway?
  6. I'm a big fan of Billings if he's still there I hope we pick him. I don't know how you block that man with one lineman. He would upgrade the LB for that reason alone. I think New Orleans will get him before us.
  7. So did this guy I hope he's way better
  8. I'm really big on fixing the O-line but if Billings is there we have to take him. He is a game changer and would instantly upgrade the D-line.
  9. Ryan Kelly, OC Alabama Nick Martin, OC Notre Dame these guys would be day one starters and an upgrade on our current o-line. I'm not saying pick them with the first but look what Dallas got with Tavis Frederick. A pro bowler for the next 10-15 years.
  10. Don't let Wade Phillips sweet old man appearance fool you. He is a horrible head coach but excellent coordinator. Also Grigsons draft picks aren't as horrible as many people here make them out to be.
  11. He wasn't take a shot at him. I watched the segment this morning. He was tired of people saying he was responsible for the INT in the super bowl against the Saints. Reggie says they ran the same play a few times and the CB jumped the route. Stop trying to make something out of nothing. I remember the play vividly, it was on Peyton.
  12. No Vontae was talented but undisciplined and lazy. Pags worked his magic and turned him into a pro bowler.
  13. The below link talks briefly about AQ. I also wonder if our staff knows how to properly evaluate linemen. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000606415/article/eagles-may-deny-it-but-cards-oline-is-secret-weapon
  14. Bruh... We won 31-28 vs Jets and we did not handily beat the Ravens. That was a field goal game. 15-6 Colts. Then we had the Super Bowl gifted to us thanks to Rex "gross"man.
  15. Luck played better teams and so we lose against good teams. Matt played scrub teams and won. Yeah it doesn't change their records but Luck had carried this team the past 3 years. Crap play calling and bad Oline resulting in the QB injury finally caught up with this team.
  16. This isn't really accurate. Look at the teams luck played and the ones Hass beat.
  17. I don't know how people didn't see this coming. Look on the bright side, chuck and grigs are done and we may get a good draft pick. Hopefully we go oline.
  18. Over 300 yards passing, 3 pass and 1 rushing, 2 int.
  19. It drives me crazy we aren't using him properly. Just look at what Cincinnati and Carolina are doing with TE's. Fleener could be our Tyler Eifert.
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