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A few games, a few quarters, a few years - it doesn't matter. It's his career. And short of one drive, he's never looked good in regular season play. Period.

Today, he's had one drive, yet again. The rest of the time, he's making bad decisions, he's uncertain, and his team isn't helping him much either.

My assessment of Painter is accurate. You are unfortunately waiting for something that just isn't going to happen.

He hasn't played bad today. Today is his first career regular season start. So when u say he's been bad his entire career people are going to laugh at you. He hasn't been given a chance until tonight. He got us a td in the first half which Collins failed to do. Have a little faith bro

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Never thought I would see the day I call for Lacey, but, right now. Get Lacey on, NOW

This is a crazy year. COMICAL at times.

We don't want Painter we want to bring someone in and then back to Painter.

Wheeler should be traded then now We are praising him.

Lacey stinks , now we want him.

Garcon catches 1 out of 4 or 5. but that 1 is a TD.

REALLY makes those 13-3 amd 12-4 seasons seem boring.

I don't know about you guys but the last few years, the regular season just seemed a formality. It was hard to get really involved in more than 6 or so games because the rest (last 10 yrs or so) were kinda over when they started.

You can't say that about this season. Not in any way , shape, or form.

So we got that goin for us.

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This injury couldnt of happened to a better guy. He is such a good humble guy. He was my neighbor last year and he always would have a quick chat at the mailbox and just a good dude. I hope he recovers fast. Godspeed

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