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  1. He was but out of all his catches i think he has 3 hands catches everything else is a body catch. He has no hands. None.
  2. Montcrief cannot catch with his hands. Said it since day 1. Nothing more than a 2 or 3 receiver.
  3. This decense is laughable at best and I am an optimest by trade.
  4. Same crappy D. This organization needs to start putting a priority on defense. Ever.
  5. Vontae on D without a doubt although I could see the Defense voting Mike Adams in On Offense I would love to see T.Y.
  6. I will tale some solace in the fact that Bb put Revis on Moncrief. That was a huge decision. Shows me he thinks Moncrief is the real deal. Been a great ride with a crappy ending.
  7. I want to turn this game off but with Lucks history i just cant. Even thoigh i know this is over.
  8. If i see one person complain about Toler on that i might actually go mental. He had great coverage.
  9. Andrew Luck looks like he is not ready for this game. Maybe next year. He is just not CALM enough.
  10. 2 bad calls already. Will have to wait to see if its 3 this early.
  11. Whalen to my knowledge has never been as shakey as Cribbs. Not as explosive either but i will take sure hamds over this crap
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