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Would you move back into the first round if Nelson drops a bit?

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Let us first assume we did not get any big name free agents for the OL.


Let us say we moved back to the 6th spot and got an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick, and then took Chubb at #6.


Would you use one of those 2nd rounders and a future 1st rounder to move up to the Dolphins spot at #11 to get Nelson if he was available there to get ahead of the Bengals and Redskins who need OL help? 


Is that a possibility that fans would like? I would have no problem with it if we know Nelson is a 1st round talent and there is always the likelihood that we pick much later in round 1 later and may not get a talent like Nelson later in round 1 next year. Of course, this also assumes that the Dolphins are willing and Ballard has him rated that high. As far as trade value is concerned, we'd probably have to be picking close to 25 in round 1 to break even next year, if you wanted to know literally in terms of trade value. 


Would Nelson help the rebuild fast enough that this would be worthwhile? Thoughts???



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Personally I would not.  I love Nelson but if we get Chubb at #6 I am then drafting other spots and looking at OL with mid round picks.  If we did trade back into the 1st I would hope it was for someone like Smith or a key D player.

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No we're going to need that first rounder next year.  This team isn't going to get fixed in one off season.  Especially if we're trading away day 2 picks like that.  


That's why I would just rather draft Nelson straight away there.  


We can survive for a while with Sheard and Simon providing the pass rush.  However if we don't re-sign Mewhort we easy have the worst guards in the NFL.  And we're doing that with a QB who just took a year and a half to recover from an injured shoulder.


Not doing anything about the OL would be suicidal.  

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55 minutes ago, RealityIsLuck said:

Not for 2 current 2s and a future 1 no way. 


If he for some crazy reason drops to the 18-19 range I'd offer a future first or 2 2s but not a combination.


Just for 1 current 2nd rounder and 1 future 1st rounder after getting an extra 2nd and 3rd rounder.


However, a lot of you have made a lot of valid points.

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No, I wouldn't do that.    It would probably cost more than you believe.    


You're talking about moving up roughly 25 spots.    That's pricey real estate.    I hate doing that in the draft.


For a quarterback -- sure.   But not for most other positions and not for a guard.


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I can actually see us missing out on the two name guards in FA; Norwell and Pugh.  They will set the market and I'm not sure Ballard will go that route.  But we have to sign somebody.  If we can sign Fulton from the Chiefs and Hurst from the Ravens then I think we would be okay and wouldn't have to make a trade up to get Nelson.  I would be okay with moving back to the 5th or 6th spot and using the extra picks to move back into the bottom of the 1st. round if need be.  I think our 1st. pick will be BPA.  But then I think our subsequent picks could be influenced by what positions we successfully upgraded in FA.  Last year the focus was defense.  This year could be offense.  

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I say yes to trading back to 6 and then back up to the teens, but I’d rather trade up with just our 2-2s we’d have. So essentially turn our #3 and #36 into #6 and #13. Which are about equal on value chart. I’d like to take 2 of the 3 of Chubb Nelson and Smith. That would would fill 2 of our 3 biggest needs. There’s always good RBs available late. Maybe not special like Barkley but look at the production from the rotation of backs in New England. And I think Mack has proven he deserves his share of touches

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