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  1. Great point.. 28th in the league on 3rd Down. Yikes!
  2. I think Rivers will have a tough game but the Colts win with a Rodrigo FG and Defensive stop. Colts 20 Titans 17
  3. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/clt/2020.htm Red Zone % Offense - 25th Defense - 18th When the Offense moved to the red zone we were kicking field goals instead of TDs in weeks past. The Defense needs to tighten up a little more in the RZ also. Although, the argument can be made that our Def. RZ% is 18th because opposing teams don't make it to our RZ very often! I think the last few weeks, excluding the Bye week, the Offense has gotten better. We're now 10th in Off. Scoring. Maybe they're "gel"-ing or maybe Rivers is getting more comfortable.
  4. I see Glasgow as a Sergio Brown type of player. Brown was an Elite Special Teams player. As a gunner he could flip the field in our favor, but Brown thought too highly of himself as a Safety. He wasn't a starting Safety but he thought he should be. Hopefully, Glasgow doesn't have that mentality. If he plays well enough to be a backup or even a starter that's great, but if he is only spec. teams I hope he masters that and stays humble.
  5. We lose Funchess and gain Pittman.. I'm good with that
  6. He has good size & speed. He looked good in the Senior Bowl also.
  7. Addai had his moments, but it was Dominic Rhodes in the Ravens game that got us into FG range for A.V. and it was Rhodes in SB XLI that had 100+ yds and the TD to put us ahead. They were a good 1-2 punch.
  8. https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp As of Nov. 13th we are @ 16 which equals 1000 pts. If we trade with Denver.. Colts Rd1 #16, Rd2 #34, Rd5 #143 Those picks equal 1594.5 pts Denver Rd1 #7, Rd4 #103 Those picks equal 1588
  9. #3 may be too high, idk. He is a great LB! I just found this on PFF.... "With two-plus years of excellent film, Smith will be a potential Day 1 commodity come draft time. He flies around the field, capable of diagnosing and finishing plays as well as any linebacker in the country. Smith graded at 87.4 overall last season, and his 90.1 overall grade this year ranks fourth in the nation, including the No. 2 mark in coverage at 90.5. He’s exactly what the NFL needs, as he plays with great range in coverage. He’s also a sure tackler, missing only 15 of his 238 career tackle attempts."
  10. The last time i saw the draft picks houston was at #6 but now they're #4 so it wouldn't work anyway
  11. What if we lose to houston, but trade cleveland the #3 for their #6, #34 and their 6th Rd pick?
  12. My guess is Ballard will try and roll as much over into 2019 as he can. Probably 8 free agents on the Colts will be resigned and a couple from across the league will be brought here. There are some good Free Agents coming available in '19 & '20 and spotrac has the Colts at #14 & #10, respectively, in salary cap room. If the Colts draft well and bring some good players in, as well as resigning some of our own, but still roll a lot of salary cap over we will be financially able to sign above-average/elite Free Agents in the years to come.
  13. What did the Cowboys do in the 1st Rd for 3 years in a row before they drafted Zeke? They drafted Offensive Linemen that a great RB could run behind....
  14. Ok. I think his Offensive scheme can have the QB hold on to the ball longer, but having better linemen helps that. I want the Colts to draft Quenton Nelson in the 1st, so we can run the ball effectively a lot more. That helps play-action passes that take 5 seconds to bring about.
  15. I can't tell if you're trying to be Capt Obvious, so I'll give you the benefit of doubt. I agree with your statement. The offensive line & scheme needs to protect Luck better.
  16. Harold Goodwin. He was with the Colts in 2012, but left with Arians to go to the Cardinals. He has learned from Arians to run a good Offense. Other than 2014 when Carson Palmer got hurt the Cardinals have been near Top-10 or in Top-5.
  17. He did well. I saw Chubbs go against both Nelson & McGlinchey. Sometimes ND had a TE next to McGlinchey to chip Chubbs, but that was due to the specific play they were running. I would rather have Nelson. Dude is elite! I think McGlinchey is a RT in the NFL.
  18. I have been watching Notre Dame football this season and one of my best friends is a big Notre Dame fan. I can tell you, unequivocally, what was written about Quenton Nelson is the absolute truth. even though he is an OG he is worthy of a top-5 pick
  19. I've been thinking the same thing. Brian O'Neill LT, Quenton Nelson LG, Beau Benzschawel RG, Kc McDermott RT are 2018/2019 college players i would like the Colts to draft.
  20. I am too, however I watched almost every game last season and I did Not like what i saw from Kalis. His Senior Bowl practices were worse than his regular season play also. IF he can turn it around that would be awesome, but right now I'm in a wait-and-see mindset. I would have liked taking Magnuson and putting him at RG.
  21. I thought he sucked at Michigan. He went to the Senior Bowl. I watched practices and he was thrown around or out maneuvered. There's a reason why he was on a PS.
  22. if we keep losing we can draft a great LT. Trey Adams, Mike McGlinchey, Martinas Rankin are 3 worthy contenders. We could trade AC for draft picks after this season .
  23. Dave Aranda was the DC of Wisconsin and now the DC of LSU. I would take him over Rex.
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