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  1. GoColts00

    This years FAs

    I agree with everything you wrote except for Inman. I think he's better than u give him credit. Hilton-Cain-Inman would be a good WR group IMO. I wouldn't mind picking up Andy Isabella, UMass. Next year's draft will have the WR that I want the Colts to go after... LeViska Shenault Jr.
  2. GoColts00

    Free Agent Radar

    I think he had a higher catch % in 2017 than any of our WRs. I'd be interested. Tate-Inman-Hilton
  3. GoColts00

    Looking Ahead

    WarGhost21, I have wondered about your #3 point a lot lately. I honestly wonder if it would be better to find a big Strong Safety and convert him to MLB. I agree with every point you made. Whether those players come through the draft or by FA..
  4. Lots of people know about him. He's a great all-around RB.
  5. GoColts00

    My keys to beating the Chiefs

    I would add 6. Colts WRs Don't Drop The Ball on 3rd Down! In the 2nd Half against the Texans... 2nd&7 Pass Incomplete to Pascal 3rd&7 Pass Incomplete to Rogers Punt 3rd&5 Pass Incomplete to Hilton Punt 3rd&7 Pass Incomplete to Hilton Punt The #1 thing holding back our Offense is our own players! Andrew needs to quit forcing the ball to T.Y. & Rogers/Pascal/Ebron need to catch the ball...
  6. GoColts00

    Andrew Luck outdoors...

    I don't think this will be an Andrew Luck game. It will be a Colts O-line game that opens holes big enough for a Mack truck to run thru
  7. GoColts00

    Colts 2019 WR's

    Tbh, ya i think so. I've seen enough of his play
  8. GoColts00

    Colts 2019 WR's

    Andy Isabella, UMass
  9. GoColts00

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    Totally agree!
  10. GoColts00

    You have to love Big Q

    I was thinking the same thing earlier today. We are now doing what Pagano always preached but could never do bc of bad trenches! I've been saying it for years that games are Won in the trenches and we finally have a GM that sees that too.
  11. GoColts00

    What happened in the second half?

    https://www.yahoo.com/amphtml/sports/texans-keke-coutee-scores-td-narrowly-avoids-triggering-worst-rule-football-002727826.html When the Coutee play is in slo-mo you can see the ball begin to drop from his palm before he gets to the goal line. We still got the W, so it's kinda splitting hairs I guess. I still think the NFL Refs gave them 7.
  12. GoColts00

    What happened in the second half?

    Chester Rogers dropping a ball on 3rd & 7. We punted. Zach Pascal dropping a ball on 3rd & something. We punted. Btw, Coutee did Not have control of that ball. It was coming out and should Not have been a TD. The NFL Refs gave them 7 points
  13. GoColts00

    The MANIAC!!!

    The NFL Honors haven't been awarded yet so I'm still hopeful that Darius gets shown the respect he deserves, But I totally agree with you that some players, whether bc of marketability or the team they play on, get awards that other men rightfully deserve!
  14. GoColts00

    Amazing analysis on our team

    The Brett Kollman video from 10:10 - 10:40 sums it up. Everybody has their part. There's no one trying to outshine everyone else. They do their job! And that creates Wins...
  15. How cool would it be if we were winning the SB against the Rams and stopped them on the last play at the 1 yard line