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  1. I see Glasgow as a Sergio Brown type of player. Brown was an Elite Special Teams player. As a gunner he could flip the field in our favor, but Brown thought too highly of himself as a Safety. He wasn't a starting Safety but he thought he should be. Hopefully, Glasgow doesn't have that mentality. If he plays well enough to be a backup or even a starter that's great, but if he is only spec. teams I hope he masters that and stays humble.
  2. We lose Funchess and gain Pittman.. I'm good with that
  3. He has good size & speed. He looked good in the Senior Bowl also.
  4. Addai had his moments, but it was Dominic Rhodes in the Ravens game that got us into FG range for A.V. and it was Rhodes in SB XLI that had 100+ yds and the TD to put us ahead. They were a good 1-2 punch.
  5. https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp As of Nov. 13th we are @ 16 which equals 1000 pts. If we trade with Denver.. Colts Rd1 #16, Rd2 #34, Rd5 #143 Those picks equal 1594.5 pts Denver Rd1 #7, Rd4 #103 Those picks equal 1588
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