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  1. I agree that we should run Man more often. Maybe a 55/45 split. We need to be able to run both. I do think J.R. will go higher than 3rd Rd tho. IMO, he's upper 2nd Rd
  2. Does anyone know why Troy isn't doing his Ratings anymore? I looked around online and can't find any reason why he hasn't done any for the 2019 season.
  3. Landon Dickerson, G, Alabama has the same intensity. I would love to have another player just like Big Q
  4. There's a ref at the 47yd line and a ref at the the 42yd line. Both look like they can see Turay being pulled down. Neither throw a flag. 1:59 in the link below https://youtu.be/Bglsg2XpfY0
  5. I think Raekwon Davis, Alabama, could play NT on this Defense. Of course, he will be in next year's draft
  6. Idk about this season but next year's draft we'll probably see A.J. Dillon come out of Boston College. He's 6'1" 240lbs, runs a 4.56 40-yd. He would be amazing behind this O-line
  7. Congrats Jacoby! $20M guaranteed at signing. The man got paid... Now it's time to get to winning! Go Colts!
  8. I bet 2 years from now he comes out of retirement to play for the new england team
  9. So basically Fountain had a "Tyler Eifert ankle". Yikes!
  10. I'm hoping Fountain's injury wasn't a "Tyler Eifert ankle".
  11. I understand the schedule is more difficult. We can still run with our O-line. Brissett is 1 person. The team as a whole is better although it didnt appear so last night. Being able to run the ball takes weight off Brissett.
  12. This Team is built to be able to run now. Plus, the defense is better. I think we would be middle of the pack 9-7 or 10-6.
  13. Having Hairston is an asset though. Instead of the Colts being in Zone coverage 77% and Man coverage 23% of the time they could have Hairston on the field for Man coverage 40% and utilize other CBs to play Zone 60%. It would balance our Defense
  14. Offense 300 yds Passing p/g 127 yds Rushing p/g 34 Points p/g Defense 220 yds Passing p/g 90 yds Rushing p/g 17 Points p/g 12W - 4L Beat the new england team at Foxbourough in the AFCCG Holding the Lombardi Trophy!
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