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  1. Breeland is the only one on that list that i can envision Ballard signing. Primarily due to the age of most of them.
  2. True, Hubbard will play LB better than Lewis. In certain formations I can see Lewis playing SAM, DE, or even Interior pass rush tho. He's versatile. Hubbard couldn't do that.
  3. I'm not really trying to compare Hubbard to Lewis. From the Ohio State games that I've watched I believe Lewis is a better player. that's all I'm trying to say.
  4. Ok. I understand where you're coming from now. . I had seen the same thing with so-called experts talking up Hubbard. He is a good player, but I knew from watching the actual games, like you, that Lewis was the better player. I've grown weary of talking-heads and their player analysis over the past few years.
  5. I can. Hubbard may have better workout times, but Tyquan has been a better player over the last 3 seasons that I have watched Ohio State games.
  6. GoColts00

    What did we just do

    We probably fixed our O-line, thats what. Plus, Leonard is a sideline-to-sideline LB which we needed
  7. GoColts00

    Colts 2018 Schedule Announced [Merge]

    I hope not! I have a lot of buddies who are Cowboys fans. I'm hoping it's at least Week 6 so both teams will be playing well
  8. Ya i remember that. He had a few bad games last season too. I'm not willing to dismiss his talent based off a few games & the Sr. Bowl tho. He needs to gain NFL strength, but I think long-term he will be good.
  9. So is Brian O'Neill, so i expect him to have success in the NFL.
  10. GoColts00

    Mel Kiper: Colts & Dolphins in deep discussion of trade

    i don't think Polian set it up correctly. That was the problem. Tampa had John Lynch then they added Derrick Brooks (who was fantastic against the run & in coverage) and Warren Sapp and Ronde Barber. Once they added Simeon Rice in free agency though that defense took off! If the Colts can draft someone like Brooks (R.Smith) then maybe next year add some people in free agency like Sapp (G.Atkins) and Rice (D.Lawrence) we could have a terrific defense!
  11. Bobby Wagner is 6' 245lbs and he's a Mike. Smith needs to add 15lbs, but he has instincts. All the tape I've watched of Edmunds tells me he has very little instincts and plays only on his athletic ability. Roquan is the better long-term LB, even at Mike, in my opinion
  12. I agree! Honestly, i think PFF should do a weighted scale where a player gets more points when going against elite or above-average competition. Likewise, your point value is less when going against lesser talent. Alabama vs LSU should be weighted differently than Alabama vs Middle Tennessee State
  13. GoColts00

    Buffalo trade I’d be ok with

    I would replace Ward for Jaire Alexander. Other than that, this mock would be fantastic.
  14. Personally I think Jaire Alexander is better than Jackson. 2017 was a bad season for Alexander bc of injuries. I think he bounces back. I think he's the best zone CB in this draft. I also like M.J. Stewart as a slot CB. ONLY a slot CB tho. He's absolutely horrible outside.