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  1. So basically Fountain had a "Tyler Eifert ankle". Yikes!
  2. I'm hoping Fountain's injury wasn't a "Tyler Eifert ankle".
  3. I understand the schedule is more difficult. We can still run with our O-line. Brissett is 1 person. The team as a whole is better although it didnt appear so last night. Being able to run the ball takes weight off Brissett.
  4. This Team is built to be able to run now. Plus, the defense is better. I think we would be middle of the pack 9-7 or 10-6.
  5. Having Hairston is an asset though. Instead of the Colts being in Zone coverage 77% and Man coverage 23% of the time they could have Hairston on the field for Man coverage 40% and utilize other CBs to play Zone 60%. It would balance our Defense
  6. Offense 300 yds Passing p/g 127 yds Rushing p/g 34 Points p/g Defense 220 yds Passing p/g 90 yds Rushing p/g 17 Points p/g 12W - 4L Beat the new england team at Foxbourough in the AFCCG Holding the Lombardi Trophy!
  7. He reminds me of Justin Houston. I expect for Banogu to learn how Houston does it and over the next 2 seasons he will grow, get more playing time and by year 3 when Houston's contract is up he will be a double-digit sack Player
  8. I looked up Houston's combine stats and Banogu is very similar in Size, weight, athleticism. Houston was a lot stronger tho. I think he put up 35 reps x 225lbs. Banogu wasn't taught technique at TCU, so bringing in Houston as a mentor should really help Banogu mature.
  9. Good for them! I hope their baby is healthy & happy
  10. Still need ST players, so maybe they're not gone. They could be moved down to 3rd string
  11. And then mixing in Doyle, Ebron, and Mo Allie-Cox with those 4 WRs. That's a Lot of combinations for mismatches.
  12. Banogu numbers.. 2018 57 Tkl. 18 TFL. 8.5 Sk. 10 QBH. 2 FF. 60 QB Pressures 2017 49 Tkl. 16.5 TFL. 8.5 Sk. 7 QBH. 3 FF. All of that was scheme and very little technique. Imagine what he's going to do with technique + scheme!
  13. I think Ballard's approach was just more picks. Throwing a dart 10 times rather than 7 you have better odds at hitting the bullseye. I'll Never judge Banogu on anything other than his play no matter who was picked in what Round at whatever number. His play and his numbers will define him.
  14. Penny Hart was the best WR during Senior Bowl practices BUT Isabella caught 7 passes for 74 yards and 1 Td during the game, so idk what the heck Daniel Jeremiah is talking about. When it mattered during the game Isabella was the best WR.
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