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  1. In addition... Benito would rotate with Grover Stewart bc he's more of a NT but he can collapse the pocket, so that's why i listed him as a NT/DT
  2. Definitely worth looking at. I can see him as a 4th Rd pick.. if he has a really combine maybe even 3rd Rd
  3. 1)We need both.. QB & iDL. 2) The 3t is the more important spot in our D but I'm all for getting Benito Jones as a NT/DT in the mid rounds. 3) We should draft the QB but I still don't think the future starting QB of the Colts is in this draft
  4. I was thinking Shenault Jr as someone like Metcalf also. He was banged up last season, but 2018, he was incredible.
  5. If we build a great team and then suck for 1 season to get Trevor Lawrence.... i can see the rationality behind it
  6. Addai had his moments, but it was Dominic Rhodes in the Ravens game that got us into FG range for A.V. and it was Rhodes in SB XLI that had 100+ yds and the TD to put us ahead. They were a good 1-2 punch.
  7. They would probably trade down to #2 or #3 and pick Ja'Marr Chase while picking up a boatload of picks for Lawrence!
  8. Benito's first few seasons he played in a 4-3. This last season he played in a 3-4 bc of a new DC. He's versatile
  9. I've watched Benito for several months and I would really like this pick in the mid Rounds. He is country strong. I think he does well against the Run as well as getting pressure on the QB. Somewhere between 3rd-5th Rd is where i think he'll go
  10. I would! I watched Tua read defenses and respond accordingly. Short, medium, and long passes were good and he can run if flushed from the pocket. In the NFL he has to be taught to throw the ball away, if need be, rather than hanging on to a broken play, so he doesn't get injured.
  11. Maybe they were made an offer they couldn't refuse
  12. My trade down scenario would be with Dolphins since they have several picks.. Colts Rd1 -13... 1150pts Rd4 -112.. 70pts Rd6 -173.. 22.2pts *1242.2 total Dolphins Rd1 -18.. 900 Rd2 -56.. 340 *1240 total We trade down 5 spots in Rd 1 and throw in a 4th & 6th for their Rd 1 and Rd2 where there are better players to be had. We would have 18, 34, 44, 56. This draft has some positions that are deep with talent. Some guys that should be going late 1st will be there at 34 and some guys that should be high 2nd will be there at 56. Besides, #56 has been pretty good for the Colts, Lol
  13. I wonder if Aiyuk would be satisfied being a KR/PR & Gunner? Sergio Brown was an Elite gunner, but he wanted to be a starting Safety & paid like a starting Safety. He wasn't. He thought to highly of himself. Could Aiyuk be "that guy" on Special Teams for us with an occasional WR snap... ?? Idk
  14. Keith Ismael looked good. He's a Center but he could probably play OG. When Ryan Kelly gets hurt Ismael could be his backup
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