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Another  Sunday NFL Game Day is here again Colts fans!  :)  Our Indianapolis Colts are back in the friendly confines of the real Lucas Oil Stadium, as our Colts will try to both even their record to 2-2, and more important to themselves and the fans, demonstrate  a better performance on the field from their last home game with the New York Jets, and the urgency to win.


News this morning  Colts backup and veteran Matt Hasselback may start in place at QB because Andrew Luck suffered a shoulder injury.


But Indianapolis  have that opportunity to prevail over a winnable opponent  this afternoon as they host the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars.  Colts will try to win their six straight regular season game over the Jaguars this afternoon, and have not lost since a 22-17 loss at LOS more than three years ago back on September 23, 2012.  Colts have  outscored the Jaguars in the five previous games 161-43, and swept both games in the 2014 season 62-20.


Colts also amazingly have a current 13-0 record against AFC South opponents, including last Sunday's road win at Tennessee.  Colts also lead the all-time regular season series over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the previous 28 games, winning 20 games, while losing 8 games.


LOS's roof might be open prior to this afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because the game forecast is mostly cloudy skies at 67 degrees, 15% precipitation, 59% humidity, and east/northeast winds at 9 miles per hour.


Visiting Jaguars are wearing their white jerseys and black pants, while the host Colts are earing their traditional blue jerseys, and white pants.


NO injuries, as both the Colts and Jaguars, and all NFL teams, will wear pink NFL apparel for Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout October. Continue to stay Colts Strong, and GO COLTS!!!!! :cheer:

Colts Vs. Jaguars Pre Game Press Release On Adobe PDF, And Pre Game Injury Reports:








Colts Vs. Jaguars Live NFL Game Centers:





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Apologies to all my GDay friends I'll be not joining later as there is 0 wi-fi and I've already spent a small fortune here in Morocco.

Go Colts!

We got this even if Andrew doesn't play. Hass can take care of things for 1 game. Still no word if Andrew will play. He remains Questionable just in case if you didn't know that.

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Colts: Hasselbeck throws for 2 Touchdowns and a pick

Colts: Andre continues to struggle and moves down on the depth chart

Colts: Gore gets 100 yards rushing and a TD


Jags: Bortles throws for three TD's and no picks

Jags: The Jags front seven sacks Matt four times

Jags: Force two turnovers in the red zone.


Weeks 1 and 2 I predicted Colts wins and we lost. Week three I predicted a loss and we won. So continuing with that, I say Jags take it 31-21

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    • I really do understand the logic behind what you are saying.  It’s just not going to happen.  We can’t trade Nelson for more than a 2nd or 3rd.  No GM is going to give up premium picks and a huge contract to a guard.  If we let him walk we will probably get a end of 3rd comp pick.  I’m sure Ballard understands the culture of this team and how shipping an all pro out of town over money may hurt it.    I don’t like the idea of paying a guard 20million a year when we have so many holes at premium positions.  However, we don’t have anyone else to pay instead.  If we had a LT, top WR or DE also due for a contract it would probably make more sense.  You just can’t kick your best employees out bc you don’t want to give them money they earned.  It could be catastrophic on moral but that is for Ballard to decide. Nelson has earned a huge raise bc he is in the running for best guard to ever play the game. So I see the logic behind paying him as well.  It’s a tough decision that sucks but is what it is. You pay your own and find their ways to make up the difference. 
    • We aren't trading Taylor, Nelson, Leonard, Defo, Paye, Smith, or Pittman. Everyone else's butt would be on alert if I was the GM though. I am pretty sure Ballard would agree with me. Now if we wanted to cut ties with Wentz and maybe trade Hines and Moore along with our #1 2023 pick for an upgrade at QB I can see that. I talked to another friend of mine last night. I asked him who would you rather have Jimmy G or Carson, or even Carr or Carson? He chose Jimmy G over all 3 without hesitation and he is 65 years old. I asked him why, he said because he is smarter than those guys, gets rid of the ball quick, has won big playoff games, and would fit our offense perfectly. He has been watching football since the 60's  .
    • I also think Reich is a good head coach.   He's just not a good play caller.   History shows it.   Before the Colts he was successful in Philly and he did NOT call the plays.   He was fired in San Diego when he called the plays.   Now he is calling the plays again and he is not successful...   He needs to just give it up.
    • It's not very common to get multiple GM jobs. If you go to a place and don't do a great job, you are unlikely to move laterally or up in your next position. Coaching turnover is a little higher and it's more common to see a coach stay as a head coach (eg, Dungy) or go back to a coordinator position for a year or 2 and then back to head coach,  or go to college and get a lucrative Coaching deal.  GMs who fail don't often become GMs again.   Dodds gets paid handsomely in Indy. It's unlikely that he needs a raise.  The Bears seem to have a lot of issues to fix. He withdrew from Detroit and Carolina last year, also dumpster fires.     Who knows why he withdrew his name, but one guess is he saw it as a situation where he would be set up to fail. 
    • Man, someone hit the sauce , yeah let’s trade our all pros for a bunch a guys and a QB who “isn’t much better than Wentz”. That makes a lot of sense... not
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