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  1. Lol. No. Having some missing pieces is not rebuilding. Teams don't blow up their rosters for 14 years straight (you're philly example?) the way the colts did in 2011. After 2011 yeah thats a complete rebuild when half the roster is scrapped, not every year we don't have a 2007 Patriots roster is a rebuild like some of you would like TO scream from the rooftops to excus bad football
  2. The team has been "rebuilding" since 2012
  3. What adjustments were made, be specific. "they marched down the field easily then didn't" isnt answeRing the question
  4. No substance again, typical. All this talk about it being Reichs first year, give it time, we're rebuilding, are things we listened to up until right before Pagano was fired. those of us who aren't new , yes 4 years or whatever is new, are used to winning games every week, not giving the the coach a pat on the back for losing games.
  5. Being that you're a new fan it will Ben difficult for you to offer substance or even understand
  6. EXactly what was said all those Pagano years.
  7. Except it did last 4 quarters. The swing passes to the running back that consistently resulted in a TFL....EVERY DRIVE
  8. Same pattern. Sloppy football and play calling. Granted the defense has shown up. I never understood how you get a HC from OC position and all of a sudden your Offense is trash and defense shows up. Same narrative as Pagano but reversed. Clear evidence that the coach is trash. If we allow this slopp for play w out anyone getting fired it'll be the sameness excuses week after week for us consistently losing winnable games that lasted 5 years w Pagano. I can't take the incessant clapping during penalties and "keep chopping wood" comments for another 5 years. Set a precedent that people who don't do their job get fired early. No patted on the back like w Pagano and Reich thus far.
  9. London isnt getting a franchise. Theres an 8 hour time gap.
  10. Because no college coach has ever said anything similar??
  11. Believe it or not, you actually dont know everything and you dont have the ability to read anyones mind. Even after 50 years of fandom. Shocking i know...
  12. Pagano hasnt coached in all 49 of those games. Pagano is trash though and has won pretty much because of Luck so far, but its running out. He will be fired before the end of the season if hes still even here.
  13. Its sheeple like you that spread that notion. Cut past the rhetoric, and NewColtsFan is one of the most uninforned and ignorant people on this site.
  14. The irony in you calling us an ignorant fan base is unvelievable. Youre one of the most ignorant, condescending, pompous, and u informed people on this website.
  15. Ryan Grigson DID suck at his job and now hes fired. You defended him for far too long despite gow subtle you tried to be in your approach, you (just like Grigson) failed also
  16. Walden sucks. He had a good year because it was a contract year. I can assure u
  17. Im not a fan of Pagano, but not many people are going to resign voluntarily from a multi million dollar a year contract
  18. Yes clapping generally indicates approval. If no one said its relevant than feel free to not mention how loved pagano is whenever his job quedtionability is brought up
  19. Yeah but that should have no bearing on whether they, the coaches, keep their jobs. Paganos clapping gives people the illusion its ok to play bad football.
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