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    • I am not excited by the move either but if all goes according to plan Foles will never play a meaningful snap for the Colts.  I am not going to get outraged by a guy who is being signed hoping he never plays.
    • I don’t think Foles is very good at all but I get it.  This is what Foles should be, a back up, not a starter.  Someone made a good point that he may be a bit helpful at teaching Ryan the offense.  Although I believe Ehlinger knew the offense better than Eason and Hundley last year and was teaching it to Hundley.    I said Eason was a waste of a draft pick. A year later I said Ehlinger was a waste of a draft pick. This signing confirms it.      
    • You don’t really draft QBs in the 6th round “expecting that they can play”. You are hoping that they can become a back up.  It’s not that unusual to see a team not trust a second year sixth round pick as their back up QB if they have big expectations for that season.     Tom Brady is by far the exception.  You don’t find starting QBs let alone hall of famers in the sixth round of the draft.  You tend to find Curtis Painters,  who was also a sixth round pick, that when you give them a chance you realize real fast they have no business being in the NFL.  I am not saying Sam will be another Curtis Painter but I am willing to bet he’s closer Painter than Brady.   The Colts aren’t just making this decision off a wild guess either.  They have watched Sam in camp, practice, and pre-season games and I can promise you have the studied that tape and have decided he’s not ready for that role right now.  They are more educated on this than anyone here and it’s their job to make decisions like this, and get them right, even if it means not always seeing what they can or can’t do in a game.  
    • He's not really "similar to Ryan" though.  I'm all for it if it's 2M or less, which would allow us to do some other things that we need to in FA.    If it's more than that, especially substantially more than that, then you have to consider why they wouldn't go after someone that's performed clearly better like Fitzpatrick, who is still out there.   We also have to be honest about Foles in his current state. Last season, he couldn't beat out Dalton. And the two years prior he had horrible ratings. 
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