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  1. According to quiz boy we don't even know if manziel has a drug problem lol
  2. Terry Bradshaw career stats 212 td 210 ints 52% completion thats why people say that
  3. What does showing a lot of potential mean exactly?
  4. right, hiring first time NFL coaches is risky, with not much proven track record of paying off
  5. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/columnists/gregg-doyel/2015/11/04/doyel-andrew-luck-reason-pep-hamilton-fired/75185696/
  6. Carol wasnt succesful his first stint in the NFL, and Harbaugh is no longer in the NFL.
  7. who? edit: nvm i just saw this there havent been many recent successes of college HCs jumping to the nfl
  8. You could also say pep was smart enough to take a team in a second year of rebuilding to two 11-5 seasons and 1 season as the top offense in the NFL. I think out situation is definitley unique because we have Luck
  9. not every pass was 40 yards downfield
  10. So how much would they still owe him in dead money if they choose to cut him? It just seems better to keep him and hope he comes out of his slump. Now that he's benched for Gabbert there isn't really and walking away from that
  11. Thats a shame. Allen is better than Fleener just underutilized.
  12. Yeah, the guy wasnt qualified. He didnt even completely call plays at Stanford. He never even had his training wheels removed.
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