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  1. hopefully after the draft if at all... whats wrong with allen/doyle/swoop?
  2. What a great read, that might've been the most I've heard from Harrison his whole time in indy
  3. it just further proves sbs arent a one man show. in fact, peyton was far from one of the strengths of the team
  4. man, that video of his exchange with belichik hit me right in the feels
  5. i say that he wasnt going 100% this year reserving himself to full go off next season.
  6. Im so happy for peyton as well yet feel bad that they will be playing a very tough panthers team. Its as if the writings on the wall already and cam is bound to get his first ring.. Then again same can be said about peyton finishing his legacy wire one last ring
  7. He was pretty injury prone and didnt fit our man defense scheme although when we still played a cover 2 4-3 he was a solid zone corner
  8. just random speculation/gut feeling i guess haha. i just dont see him wanting to play football for that long for some reason im not sure why. alot of it has to do with my general belief that the nfl is slowly crumbling along with the recent trend of players retiring/leaving or thinking about it early
  9. have a feeling whatever the contract is, itll be lucks last in the nfl
  10. still got the pic from his superhuman game against packers as my avi
  11. Yea definitely that lol. i think he loves the game too much not to come back to it at some point though, so i can easily seeing him come back and being a WR coach. i dont think he cares much to pursue a career in media or want to a HC.. maybe OC at most but i can see him genuinely wanting to be a WR coach for a while. I hope he comes and teaches our WRs how to get some separation!!
  12. i see him going to do that at miami before here for some reason. idk would be awesome though
  13. i know that it was before. just wanted to point out how andrew was feeling before it was all said and done. if you ask me it seemed like he wanted grigs gone or just better decisions by grigs. seemed ticked there were new faces every year instead of building chemistry and developing
  14. Sorry if this has already been posted, but did anyone watch this? http://www.colts.com/videos/videos/Colts_QB_Andrew_Luck_Season_Has_Been_Trying/c8994b5c-4443-4750-b566-6a3d07936823 most interesting part for me was when asked about continuity vs change (i think angled towards the coaching/FO staff) he said something like "obviously you dont want to be surrounded by a bunch of new teammates every year" (about the personnel aka what grigson controls) (around 4:25). and then a little after says "you wish you can have continuity for everything, but if iits not working, it
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