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  1. personally i picked undervalued but think i value him just at what hes at. hes better than some starters. we forget that last season we could have finished MUCH better if our coach wasnt checked out and he made mistakes only in the end of the game.
  2. I noticed the same thing! But felt it was weird to point out. He’s got those Reggie hands/mechanics
  3. All games would be on the road, not “‘most likely” right? Since they’re the 6th seed
  4. Huh, i don’t even recall Wilkins having long run TDs ...
  5. are you a new fan or didn’t catch 2012-2014 seasons? The guy made unbelievable plays on a weekly basis
  6. We need to re sign him, especially that we cut vonate i feel confident it’ll get done
  7. So the same DB coach that couldn’t develop Tim Jennings :/
  8. Its funny how they never get it right. 3 straight run plays in games where it isn't working, then abandoning it with Frank running well and Mack not being used. kinda like how we were always a 2nd half team, and now a 1st half team
  9. It's fine, this game should all but seal chucks fate beyond this season. I have faith in Ballards eyes and brain
  10. I love how 2 unproven players that haven't played a snap this season will help get us a lombardi
  11. Dare I say he's looked like our worst corner so far? Not including tj green
  12. Same here. Just watching to see the new guys develop. You wouldn't think I watched a colts loss from the times I smiled and cheered after good plays by the rookies (mainly Quincy and hooker, seeing them in action together gave me nice chills)
  13. I'm very excited for him, but won't be surprised to see him gettin ripped apart on here next season. He's going to have growing pains as any rookie would.
  14. You can already tell at the least he'll be a great locker room presence
  15. Ballard pretty much left no excuses for the personnel by the coaching going into this season. I'm excited and can easily see the D overachieve
  16. Don't know much about him but isn't he a press man corner?
  17. Wow was basham really projected to go in first in a good amount of mocks?
  18. I think our defense has a lot of potential at this point assuming we address and hit on CB and LB in the draft but they're definitely going to need to build chemistry as it's a bunch of new faces
  19. Heck no, he's worse than pagano in the playoffs. His strength at building teams would have been useful if we still had grigson
  20. Not gonna lie I was more excited on the resignings, Doyle butler and turbin, but I watched a John Simon and jabaal sheard highlight video on YouTube and am now very hyped for both of them.
  21. And if anything, surgeries and procedures have improved significantly since this time
  22. I've been asking the same question for the last 5 seasons. I want him to be controlling the offense all game, but maybe coaches feel he isn't ready to do so yet
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