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Colts Vs. New York Jets Monday Night Football Game Thread

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Where Brady/Manning chew up Blitzes for fun Luck still struggles against it. Until he can improve the quick hitters teams are going to send it.

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    • Banogu is/was much more raw than Turay. I also wonder how this covid situation has impacted his training. I do know that Mathis stepped back from his coaching/training duties and is doing more of a limited for-hire gig now.    I think Hines and Campbell are going to tear it up this year with Rivers, and both will end up as his favorites.
    • IDK. Rock handled CB1 duties week 8-12 while Desir was out IIRC, and also a decent amount after Desir came back. Rock's PFF weekly ratings also went up significantly in the second half of the season. He was in the 70 and 80s many of those weeks.    Here's how they lined out   Player / Snaps / PFF rating / Catch:Target / %   Gone Pierre Desir / 694 / 58.8 / 46:72 / 64%   CB1 and CB2 Candidates Rock Ya Sin / 864 / 65.3 / 36:56 / 64% Xavier Rhodes 807 / 46.4 / 59:70 / 84% Marvel Tell / 249 / 67.6 / 22:34 / 65% Quincy Wilson / 127 / 30.2 / 13:18 / 72%   Nickle / Slot CB Kenny Moore / 641 / 75.5 / 39:51 / 76% TJ Carrie / 693 /  56.2 / 46:62 / 74%   Who do you think is going to take over CB1? Rhodes gave up 59 catches on 70 targets giving up a 84% clip, and ended the year with a 46.4 PFF rating. That's 20 points lower than Rock's average, and likely 30 points lower vs Rock's 2nd half rating. Wilson played very little the second half of the season, and never hit the 40% mark in the first half (only 15% of Rock's snaps). His PFF was 30.2... Tell only really played in 4ish games mid season when Desier was out, and he was taking CB2 duties (only 29% of Rock's snaps)
    • Don't know much about him, throw all these guys in a pot, and see who rises to the top if any. He comes to Indy ridiculously cheap though. I think we still draft a corner as well. Honestly, I have Been a Colt fan a long time and its been some time since the Colts have been this active in free agency. Maybe NEVER like this! 
    • That would place his value wherever the Colts place it.    Supposing the Colts trade you into the first round to take him?    Suppose Ballard ranks him around 25 but gambles that he will fall to him?   What if the Colts have him 25 but some team grabs him 10th?   Stitches is correct.  There is probably a wider difference of opinion on Love than most any other quarterback.  And for good reason.       This is not a one size fits all situation. 
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