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  1. TYtheGHOST

    Kenny Moore highlight video

    Agreed, I would put hooker at 3.
  2. TYtheGHOST

    Kenny Moore highlight video

    I definitely didn’t notice that he made this many big plays this year. Dudes a top 3 player on our defense maybe top 2
  3. TYtheGHOST

    AAF league

    A lot of past NFL players are playing so it makes it interesting. Trent Richardson is the RB for the Alabama team
  4. TYtheGHOST

    AAF league

  5. TYtheGHOST

    AAF league

    Has anyone tuned into any of the games in this league? The game is faster paced and fun to watch with big hits not being penalized.
  6. TYtheGHOST

    FanSpeak Draft

    He wants his freedom to choose what team he goes to
  7. TYtheGHOST

    FanSpeak Draft

    Might be a little tougher now that Foles has decided to become a free agent. Someone can get Foles without a draft pick unless the Eagles Franchise Tag him.
  8. If we would have stayed at 3 and drafted Nelson that would mean the top 3 picks finished top 3 for rookie of the year. That’s crazy.
  9. TYtheGHOST

    Little confused

    guy was attacked just as hard as brady was on that roughing the passer call in the chiefs game in the afc championship game.
  10. With all of the defensive talent in front of us I think he slides, who do you think would draft him in front of us
  11. Agreed. Deebo in the slot would have instant production in the nfl IMO
  12. I think Deebo Samuel is one of the best WRs I’ve seen coming out of the draft in sometime. While he’s not the biggest the kid can flat out play.
  13. I wasn’t as impressed with the highlight video I watched of him I’ll check out the videos you posted Edit: I watched his highlights against Clemson, Syracuse, and Virginia. Wouldn’t mind getting him with one our first 3 picks. I think he does need to put on some more muscle and improved his run blocking but imo he’s got good potential, and would be a good fit opposite Hilton.
  14. I’m gonna do some more research on other receivers