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  1. looks like he plays very well vs SD hopefully he does the same week 1
  2. there's already a thread on this.. that you just complained on.
  3. I think the same of AJ. He resembles Wayne in a lot of ways, he's not the fastest but he is probably the most reliable catcher and best route runner of this class.
  4. It's almost certain in my opinion that we're going to draft a wide reciver in round 2 after the trade back. Who are you guys hoping for? My hopes are set on AJ Brown, Parris Campbell or Deebo Samuel.
  5. I think people are sleeping on this dude. Tell me why he wouldn’t be a fit on our team. My ears are open
  6. A move from a #1 WR in a run first offense to a no 2 or 3 in a pass happy offense seems like it well only create positive results to me. We shall see tho.
  7. I need to watch more on this guy but after seeing those highlights he’s my favorite safety coming out, he would pair perfect with hooker
  8. Player to fall the “furthest” in terms of projected draft position. (Healthy players only.) my guess is Noah Fant.
  9. Even at that rate it’s still hard for me to believe he would trade up imo.
  10. I’m assuming a top 10-15 pick who fit a position of need who Ballard couldn’t pass up. Maybe Montez Sweat or DJ Metcalf
  11. I agree, highly doubtful we trade up. If we do it’s cause someone falls and Ballard knows he will get picked in the ensuing pick
  12. Should be fun. However there’s another post of this already sir.
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