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  1. Honestly Pep is still screwing this team over because of his complex system. Also I have about had it with Pagano and his damn clapping whenever we make bad plays. Lastly, I'm tired of Grigson and his damn sandlot roster filled by looking under rocks for players that should have stayed under those rocks.
  2. Thanks, at this point I think I'm just scarred by Pep Hamilton, and want him out of my life . Yeah I don't care very much for Mike London as well, I hope next year their coaching staff is shaken up too.
  3. Please for the love of god, I go to UVA and do not want Pep coming here.
  4. coltsfan1157


    He's currently leading the league in tackles.
  5. I was too young to remember, did Peyton look like he regressed that year and/or was it bad coaching?
  6. Impressive run stuffs so far, nothing like I've seen in a long time.
  7. Anyone know where the actual video of the players talking about vinny is, not just the dumb reaction?
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