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Colts @ Rams Preseason Game Night Thread


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well we got 1 left before its real games I'd like to see them get better by now they are killing our run game and just about allowed an int if not for the Rams holding

You do realize there are second stringers on the Oline in?

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    • Exactly, as long as we are healthy going into opening day then that is all that matters.    By the way, that is one of the best and funniest posts I have seen all year in here, I have to give it a Homer laugh 
    • Era's are so different, it would seem LeBron could play in any era and be dominant but in the 80's and 90's the game was way more physical. How would LeBron do against a team like the 1989 Pistons for example? We don't know?, if they allowed the Pistons play by the rules they played with back then.    Regarding the Pacers their 1998 team was the best IMO. We had the Bulls beat in Game 7, I still believe we got screwed by the REFS. Whether or not we would have beat Utah is a different subject but that would have been a hell of a series. Utah would have had HCA.
    • Yeah I try not to let my Colts bias get in the way when I do lists, it is tough sometime. I can understand why anyone would say Randy should be ranked higher. Randy was a freak and was so tall, a QB could just throw a long one to him and on 50/50 balls, he would catch it.    I have gone back and forth over the years regarding Peyton and Tom. My Colts bias says Peyton is the GOAT, he is also my favorite player of all-time so I hate, let me repeat I hate putting Tom #1. I just factor in everything but saying Peyton is #3 isn't a dis , that is practically saying he is damn near the GOAT. I have Montana 2nd because I felt like during the 80's which had all kinds of great teams, he won 4 SB's and was flawless in those SB's. You don't get anymore clutch than him.   I get the Emmitt Smith hate on this board, most here hate the Cowboys but once again when ranking players people should put that aside IMO. Otherwise the list becomes who somebody loves and hates.
    • California still has salad bars
    • There was on twitter and reddit, more than just usual trolling and trash talk    
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