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    • He was never in charge of a defense or doing anything remotely close to calling plays or game prepping for an entire defense any of those years but the last one....     Now, maybe they had planned on interviewing Cullen to replace Baker as DL coach, and he was coming in to interview today anyway??  I doubt that he'd be the first guy in to interview for the DC spot if this were next week.... I bet he was already on his way for DL interview prior to Flus getting the Chi job, and they just decided screw it, he's already got his plane ticket, let's see what he has to say, and go ahead and ask him about the suddenly open DC spot while he's here? Yeah, but he was a key assistant for a LOT of teams that were bad enough soon after he arrived, to get the staff fired lol....
    • I will say Jimmy G has weapons I would love to see Debo and Kittle on this team. Not happening.. Stop the Madden trades. Haha Debo is better than any receiver we have. Kittle is just a way better TE than we have. Kittle can block and make huge pass plays. Kind of what we had with Dallas Clark. I wouldn't say Mitchell is better than what we have(JT) and I wouldn't say Aiyuk is better than Pittman. It is the play calling that is the difference. Everyone knows 49ners play calling is so much more creative than the Colts. JMO
    • If that older guy has the knowledge of switching plays when the other team knows what he is doing. I will take him... Coaches have to make adjustments whether they are old or young.
    • Man I agree so much. Stop the in house hiring go after people you trust and spend some gosh dang money.. Haha
    • I feel your frustrations bud. I want a young franchise QB I'm willing to give up a limb or family member. Haha Just kidding not the family member but the limb definitely. Well I will think about the family member. Haha I just don't see a franchise QB this draft. It looks worse than last seasons. If we were going to get one it should've been last year going after Big Mac Jones.  
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