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    • Pinter's too small and not strong enough to play guard in the NFL. He's a huge liability, and his struggles are affecting Smith and Kelly's play. Reich needs to bench Pinter ASAP.
    • You are definitely right about blown blocking assignments and blown coverages.  That is impossible to grade without knowing the play call.   But there is a lot that can be graded and I think PFF does a decent job of giving us an idea.   You can certainly grade man on man matchups on the line  and things and football is at the same time way more complex and less complex than people realise.  Remember that most players receive no grade on most plays.  For instance a QB gets no grade on a handoff.    Graders can tell coverages for the most part by looking at what everyone is doing, not necessarily the person or two involved in the play.   Blocking assignments are harder to grade without the play calls.  So I agree there are things that can't be graded accurately, but overall PFF gives you a pretty good ball park idea how guys are playing.    Grading really isn't that hard.  Anyone can do it if they are told what to look for.  It's hard to collate but it's not hard to look at a guy on a play and note   either  ++   +  0   -     --     If you are given good guidelines, most people will come up with similar grades on individual plays.  
    • The Skyy's the limit for Matt Haack.
    • Thanks man!!! The football gods smiled on us and our team gave the Chiefs all they could handle, we are of course happy about the win.   Actually, I was very impressed with how the Packers played. Finally, the rookie wideout(s) got involved and that is a good thing. The Bucs' D was at full strength and if not for Aaron Jones' fumble, you would have gone 21-3 up on them, instead it became 14-6. That is the Tom Brady effect. He won't make mistakes easily but will make sure to make you pay for every single mistake and turnover your team makes even if it is driving down 99 yards after a cough up at the goal line by the opposing team.   Same thing last year - Rams are up comfortably for 3 quarters in that playoff game in Tamps, and then Akers fumbles at the goal line, Cooper Kupp fumbles and before you know the game is tied vs the Rams and thanks to a superb pass from Stafford to Kupp, the Rams beat them with a FG in the final seconds. Expect to play 60 minutes down to the wire to beat a Tom Brady led team. That 60 minute philosophy trickles down to his teammates on D and ST too. Typically, mistakes are easy to overcome against any other QB led team in history, just rarely against Tom Brady led teams.   Rodgers will need this kind of team support from D and special teams that did very well if he has to make noise in the playoffs and not be another 1-and-done. The #2 vs #3 seeding (or #1 vs #2) might come down to this game when it is all said and done, I feel.   Good win for you guys!!! Now Brady lost 2 in a row in 2006 and next in 2020, and he will have Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Julio Jones all available. I feel for the Chiefs. In any pick'em I am betting against the Chiefs against a hungry Brady and that Bucs' D.
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